Thank You And Other Things

I want to say ‘thank you’ to all those who got in touch, both here and elsewhere.

A few months ago I pulled the site down, because I saw no point. The Ken cult was still thriving I could not change the perceptions of people on how enlightenement myths are born and supported, and on the unscrupulous operators who stand to feed on naive and mostly honest public.

Some people read silently and said nothing. Some fought with me here and then went Kenneth’s way and became firm desciples there. He was warm, ‘love ya’ kinda guy with a stick; that was attractive and a good catchment ground for aspiring seekers.

The impression that I got was just that – this is a pretty useless enterprise, this site, this investigation, this.. everything. I asked myself “Why on earth are you doing this if it helps no one, and people still pay vast amounts to fake cult leaders? What the hell is wrong with you? Not worth it, leave it all behind”.

I also thought that I didn’t want to be part of Kenneth’s legacy, so to speak, even in the role of someone who unmasked his real identity. There was something unclean about the whole operation: the secrecy, the collecting of personal ID documents from participants, the Western Union transfers.. and other things.

I shut down the site with a view to make it better, realised it involved much more work and hours than I had anticipated, and just left it behind. It was quiet, no one said anything, so.. a confirmation that there is no need to go back. It was covid, it was and is tough, the priorities were elsewhere.

Then Kenneth died. I am usually good at predicting some near future events, but I could not predict that he would appoint an heir and the Ken cult will continue to grow. Kenneth successfully REPLACED the real author with his own persona!! It was unbelievable, beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The Perfect, absolutely Perfect Scam that not even Peter is able to prevent. And let me ask you this.. what costs more, a book or a spiritual ‘course’??

Kenneth has outsmarted them all, including Peter (Jed) himself. Because in truth.. Peter used the name ‘Jed’ throughout his life in Iowa, I even have his email addresses with ‘Jed’ in it (not valid anymore, obviously). People addressed him by that name when he lived in Fairfield. And the irony is.. the explanation that Kenneth gave for the name’s origin as from his own name, was the explanation I once wrote about, when I still believed he was the real McCoy. I think Damien can confirm this from my earliest emails.

Oh boy…

I also realised that the forum people simply do not have the full story, despite the fact that I wrote about the identity discovery here. It was written LIVE, IMMEDIATE, the events that took place often on the same day as I published them. It was a mad rush to record what was happening live. The audience was thrilled, but those who came in later, even years later, could not make head or tails of it. Is he Jed? Is he not Jed?

A book, after all? Peter? Jed? I am copyrighting the name here right now: The Perfect Scam. People might think ‘Oh I am going to do this, I read the story’. The reality is.. I placed a fraction of all the information here. Just a small part of what is available and known. So.. try it.

Let me say ‘thank you’ for saying ‘thank you’. It means I could just slowly make the entries accessible again and to add to them. It was not all in vein. There is much to add. About the real reality. About the real Peter. About the lies and the truths that move the world.

8 thoughts on “Thank You And Other Things

    1. Hello Tano! Welcome back. This is your favorite Midwestern US doctor, GG. I enjoyed everything you wrote and our conversations on the side. I was one of the first to find Ken’s first Jed site and wrote frequently there when there were just a dozen or so of us. I believed he was Jed. I did. And I was very excited about conversing with the author of the trilogy.

      I started to have misgivings when he transferred to the new and current forum, IG. And I lost all notion that he was Jed when he asked me for personal ID and money. Like wtf? How is that not a complete red flag for everyone? After all, WWJD? What would Jed do? Not that. Opposite of that – although it can be assimilated because his books, after all, cost money. Such a sticky thing.

      Without you, I would not have known for sure. Thank you for all your hard work. We must go this alone. Simple. That which is not simpler, after all. And no one needs another if we’re dealing with simplicity.

      Peace. And thank you. I’ll be back here frequently to see what musings you post.

      1. @ jmk

        Hey, G, glad to hear from you.
        You believed he was, I believed it, then someone had to ask “Is that true?” 😁

        “I started to have misgivings when he transferred to the new and current forum, IG. And I lost all notion that he was Jed when he asked me for personal ID and money”

        True. Although he never asked me for money, but did say he’d like to work with me (in the beginning, obviously). Which, if I said ‘yes’, would have been asking for money.

        I thought and said ‘no’. The cult was being born, it was obvious. Then he lied to me (nothing of the personal nature, relating to the forum). That’s a red flag to me, especially when one came in in full belief in the authenticity of the place.

        People forget that no one knew who they were dealing with before EM: no name, no face, no life, just an anonymous entity. When I gave the true info, they said I was lying.

        Now, when I compare the writings, it is clear to me I was mad to think it was the same man. Some people grokked it before me.

        G, always a pleasure.

        1. Hi again. And just a FYI, when I got the email from Ken about his illness (as part of his blanket email to his group), I wrote the following back to him:

          “Why would you take hydrochloroquine for COVID?”
          I sent that to him on 6/29 (I tried to paste a screenshot of my email here but couldn’t do it).

          I thought about elaborating on the lack of evidence for benefit and possible harm that medicine could do, but figured it would fall on deaf ears. Plus it was too late anyway. And it seemed like a person desperate to save his life? Don’t know. Did it kill him? No idea. Did it help him? Definitely not.

          I send this to you after I read your comments about the same.

          1. @ jmk

            Kenneth was ill for just over two weeks. Two weeks from good health to death.

            For a man who claimed to be enlightened he did not use his head to evaluate the ‘potential medicine’. I still grieve over the fact of this irresponsible choice. I don’t think it killed him directly; it created the conditions for his state to get worse. He was in good health prior, no co-morbidities.

            Too late now. And I hope the idiots who do not want to get vaccinated will take heed. I am pretty sure he had covid: he was turned away from a few hospitals because his symptoms were so pronounced. Cambodia never really did mass testing, most of it was not available.

            I can’t get his death out of my mind. He was alone for a few days too, until someone checked up on him.

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