Every Silly Emotion, Hurt And Memory

Here is one life lie you need to be aware of:

The Lie Of Emotional Digging

People assign themselves the status of a VIP: everything we do, think, feel, understand – is of utter importance to each individual. And this is quite natural, but unfortunately this is ALL people end up noticing: I, Me, Mine. They get caught up in own little dramas which destroy curiosity at how the world, both man-made and natural, works at large, outside of their little universe bubble.

To illustrate…

… Americans, when was the last time you got curious about what financed the passage of European immigrants into the New World and their settling practices, the ancestors to some of you? Do you know that most those settlers were below the age of twenty five?

… People aspiring to riches, when was the last time you took a concerted effort to understand how financial wealth is generated and what makes it possible, and see how it can be applied to your life situation?

… Those looking for a life partner, when was the last time you considered what YOU could bring to the table in any such partnership? Do you yourself have the qualities you want to see in your life partner?

But people react to situations from immediate emotional states swaying them whichever way, like a ship on high seas. Most never pause to say to themselves ‘Hang on, do I have all available facts at my disposal in order to arrive at the right conclusions?

This is exacerbated by the advice of mental health and spiritual ‘professionals’ to give a detailed ‘examination’ to one’s emotional life. In Reality, the said examination takes the form of self-pity at the memory of every slight and abuse we had suffered in the past. And believe you me… an overwhelming majority of humans HAVE been abused in one way or another. I considered this before in the article on trauma.

In my own two years of intense search for answers I, too, had a temporary fall into this insane proposition. As mentioned before, there were some frogs to kiss on the way to sanity. It took a few weeks and went like this…

They say I have to look at my emotions.. How the fuck does one LOOK at emotions when they are so ephemeral? They say Look into your childhood…. What was in my childhood that I have to look at? Shall I go that far back and see if there are any gremlins in there?

These were random thoughts, running off and bumping into one another in my head as I was curled up in a fetus position on a mattress in my bedroom back in the UK. I was trying hard to find those suggested gremlins. The question of origins of emotion had been resolved at that stage: the loop of hormonal surge + thoughts induced by the surge.. I kinda got it that emotions are an early danger alert system, which is absolutely VITAL to the survival in the wild and absolutely USELESS in the kind of soft living we have now.

No, my focus was on that childhood thingy.. and for the life of me, no matter how hard I tried to believe that my childhood left a deep imprint on my current state of mind, that all my actions thereafter were informed by whatever took place then… I COULD NOT SEE THIS AS TRUE.

There were shitty things at times back there, and there were some splendid moments, but no gremlins. Nothing tethered me to that past which was, and was gone. Nothing was important back there. Nothing haunted me or made me feel self pity.

Seriously, lying under the covers in a ball, I tried to convince myself the past events were important. I swear I tried to follow this hollow advice on ‘examination’.. even shed a forced tear, since the advice was from people I thought at the time knew what the fuck they were talking about… and suddenly it dawned on me, like a bolt of lightening…..  THERE WAS NOTHING THERE OF IMPORTANCE!! There were no skeletons! There was nothing back there worth holding on to for the rest of my life!

Not that bad shit did not happen. I had a reasonably happy childhood in quite a shitty place protected by my mother from the world, although she could not protect me from ALL the assholes of the world, and the world leaked in and did make its evil nature known. By god, I was the victim of it some time and she was a helpless bystander, and then it reversed, and she was the victim of it, and I – a helpless witness. Overall, it was no different to what most people can say about own life events. Some had it to the ninth degree worse, and I personally know people like that.

But in that sweaty moment of forced tears and a thousand thoughts and images flying through my mind I got to realise with absolute clarity that I felt nothing about the past, because it ceased to exist and had no relevance to my life. Come and gone, like the wind, and the whispers of memory were meaningless and held no power over me.
That’s the romantic part. And here is the cold Reality:


Not in your head, but in the real sense of something/someone causing you great distress. The nature of your suffering is known only to you, there are millions to pick from: got molested, or beaten up, or physically/emotionally distant parents, or forced to do what you didn’t want to do, or living in abject poverty, or a serious illness, or under pressure to perform, or an orphan, or exploited for gain, or a real physical disability, or bullied, or …. ffs it’s an endless list. Fill in the blanks according to you personal past. Then read up on the stories of how the lives of past generations unfolded. It was horror all the way, and for much of the world’s population it is still real abusive horror of a NON EMOTIONAL NATURE. Of the real nature, folks.

I’ve seen people in hospices and prisons and wheelchairs who didn’t make excuses for themselves, and here you are with every advantage: young, fit, clever, approaching an age where actual awakening is actually possible – but you are 4F because of flat feet.

jed mckenna

I don’t know what ‘4F’ means, but you get the gist. He spoke at length somewhere about the meaninglessness of the dig, I think in one of those talks. I only mention this as an indicator that I am not alone in my assertions, which in a distant sort of way is satisfying to know.


Well, yeah… you got so mentally attached to your suffering that it continued to exert its influence over your life even when the cause of suffering was removed. Here you are.. carrying the load many years later when the load is not there anymore. The famous Zen fable about the monks carrying a woman across the river applies here, with the ending thus:

After a few hours the young monk couldn’t stand the thought of what had happened which kept filling his mind, and so he began to berate the other monk, “We are not allowed to look at other women, nor touch them, but you carried that woman across.”

‘Which woman?’ replied the older monk.

‘The woman you carried on your shoulders across the river!

The other monk paused and said with a smile, ‘I put her down when I crossed the river, and you are still carrying her.’


It lets you know something is out of whack in your life. You don’t know yet what that might be, but it will send one to seek the answers. In the same way a doctor has to establish the origins of your stomach ache by tests and examination. Without pain – what is there to investigate and to see? Pain and emotion fuel personal growth, but are not the answer to the search. They are the beacons, the warning signals, but not the reasons for your suffering.


You believe they will go away as a result.

Nah. That’s where people take the wrong turn. In the process of emotional digging most  end up giving more life to the  trauma by making it prominent in the mind. I once wrote my own parable on this, based on the real, but insignificant event of my own life. Again, that parable spilled out of me as the same lightening bolt moment where I suddenly got the river story and could match it with my own. It was quite a tasty moment I should say. I got much out of it, and much got surrendered in that one single revelation.

All one has to process on the gut level is this fact: the past once was and is no more, so how on earth is it important now??

  • Acknowledge your past trauma. DO NOT DENY IT TOOK PLACE. It was important when it took place. It existed once, it WAS back then. Do not dismiss it as never having happened: that would simply be a lie. And acknowledgement does not at all mean a victim mindset; it means being honest with oneself.
  • You probably have a rich inner life, correct? There are colourful happenings and imaginings taking place in there, right? Who cares. So do eight billion other people. Get a perspective and stop obsessing about own emotional life. Only a gust of wind is more ephemeral that your emotions.
  • Understand your emotions ‘after the fact’. Look at them and identify them. Understand what emotion is in general.
  • Move on. If one keeps picking ‘wounds’ – one is sure to prolong the infection. In the same way you cannot hold on to the state of being a child (done, gone, not a child anymore and never will be again) – you should not hold on to the event(s) that are no longer in existence.

The process of phantom creation needs some rational effort on your part in order to be stopped. Not the obsessive ‘Why did it happen?/ Why was this done to me?’ and the ever glorious ‘WHY ME?’ in relation to your past. There is nothing to understand there in your personal trauma. But there is much to understand impersonally: why traumas happen, what humans do to one another, how this shapes people’s perceptions and actions, how the ENTIRE HUMANITY is affected by.. well, own inhumanity.

Including you.

The impersonal understanding will set you free from the personal trauma.


156 thoughts on “Every Silly Emotion, Hurt And Memory

  1. I happened to find this hiding on my computer, something I wrote 18 years ago:
    “Awakening can seem to require lots of self-improvement work. Indeed, most spiritual improvement programs, which are actually ego build-up and refinement programs may, by coincidence or accident, launch you into the opposite process of ego breakdown.
    Getting more and more perfected, more and more purified, evolved and refined, are not listed in the handbook of awakening requirements. There is no mandatory pre-awakening qualifying work of rooting out and ‘fixing’ every psychological trauma, weakness, split, shadow, distorted engram and odd personality quirk you hold inside yourself. Working on your issues is not the issue. Every human being has a large bucketful of these mental/emotional ‘defects’ in their ego structure. That’s life. Every individual who has ever awakened has entered their Final Awakening Process carrying at least a small backpack full of traumas and personality defects with them. No worries. The Process itself will manage and transform these so-called defects exactly as is necessary to finish your enlightening work.”

    1. Well, I have not ‘improved’ in any way, other than dropping the emotional load of self-importance, and even then the load was pretty light to begin with.

      When I spoke about an absence of agony over some pretty shitty, but distant life events – I was never believed. It is assumed that we all torture ourselves over what once was, but I didn’t. Nice memories induce a short lasting nostalgia, and nasty memories induce a shoulder shrug.

      I highly recommend the documentary, Robert. The group was filmed at close distance over a period of maybe seven years. The eventual demise of them at each other’s paw and tooth, the deliberate and very planned nature of everything those lions did – is breathtaking and illuminating to the extreme, even if hard to watch by the end.

      It was so like the history of every little human chiefdom and kingdom. I was mesmerized.

  2. Ohhh shit. You touched on the motherload now. Let’s get personal. I had been in a relationship for 6 years with the the mother of our child. 6 long years of weird abuse and myself in shock as to how I got involved with this child to begin with. 2 weeks ago I finally sent her on her way. Child is with me and I have been kind of shell shocked. Last few days an insane jealousy had overtaken me. I started snooping around and just wanted to catch her with some other guy, prove that something. Etc.

    Long story short I lost sleep. I have been messed up and just didnt understand why, I have had other break ups and so on. Never like this. Well last night I finally figured it out. When we started the relationship I caught her almost cheating as in , had not been there, this haunted me and I realize now that for 6 years ,6 years I wss in some weird unhappy codependent place because I had not gotten over that night.

    I have spent 20 years, which is about 19 years and 364 days to many, examining emotions, mind and thoughts. This is why though, cause I find myself just in a emotional prison of reaction. That I am not aware of.

    I guess that is the rub. Would prefer to deny and create and deal with the mystery of emotions rather than just accept and move on.

    It’s a great day for me today, I feel like a weight a stray jacket is off of me.

    Word of advise, got nothing. Lol

    1. “I have spent 20 years, which is about 19 years and 364 days to many, examining emotions, mind and thoughts.”

      “Would prefer to deny and create and deal with the mystery of emotions rather than just accept and move on.”

      Pretty much what most people do, Panos. It is the same as asking ‘Why is water wet?’ It’s bloody wet! Accept it!! There is no ‘why’ in water, only coldness or wetness or warmness.

      Better questions are:

      ..what makes up water?
      ..what are water properties?

      ……………………. so on

      The same with emotion. A personal question ‘Why do I feel the way I feel about my relationship?’ is a poor question. Leads to nothing, answers nothing, illuminates nothing.

      One can go on in circles trying to find the answer, because there is no answer to this question in Reality. She might have been your personal nightmare, and yet will prove another man’s treasure with a ’till death do us part’ scenario.

      Why? Who the fuck knows. Chemistry. Compatibility. Same level of maturity. Same life aspirations. Blah blah.

      A general question ‘What is emotion?’ is much better.

      De-personalize. Understanding will clear your head.

  3. Once more I was completely touched/hit by your lines. Once more I can not understand why on earth you are sharing yor insights for free.I mean without flattering you are giving away real treasures. So I can only say: big thanks!!!

    1. You are welcome, DBL.

      Insights are not a skill such as fixing your teeth or writing the software code or chiselling a steel motorbike part.

      If and when I gain those skills – I will make sure to charge you for them 🙂

  4. Well… Your talking about mentally examining emotions and memories in hindsight. Which is a far cry from fully feeling and processing emotions in the moment. Which is the only thing “to do” with them at all.

    1. Ill add that most people are unable to process emotion. Unable to sit with an uncomfortable feeling without the need to add or subtract from it- until it dissipates. No, theyre quick to jump to one of the millions of ways of being distracted by the mind.

          1. Wasn’t trying to change the focus. Where we started talking about this was in the other thread. What was being expressed there when we were discussing emotions was to fully express them as they come up as truthfully as you can as a way of processing and allowing them to pass in real time.

            The only time i could see the benefit of bringing past traumas is if they have been suppressed. This is obviously the case for most people who have huge stories built about their lives so i can see how talking all that out could work in different scenarios. Bringing stuff up and making people sit with it until the energy behind it just runs out.

            I mean I like you it sounds and I imagine others here could probably sit there straight faced and recount life events without getting all “worked up about it.” I actually don’t think thats very common these days just by observation.

          2. Now THAT’S the crux of the matter. Getting lost in evaluation vs simply staying with observation. Thats the precise distance that your mind is trying to put between you and your present moment experience.

          3. To me thats where all of these understandings turn from being strictly esoteric to practical and useful information

          4. I guess esoteric isn’t the word i was looking for but you know what i mean…bullshit.

          5. *I’d like to think* that everything ive worked for in understanding isn’t just a waste of time. Only difference between me and any other is that I know thats precisely the problem.

  5. Your talking about mentally examining emotions and memories in hindsight.”

    I thought it was made clear from the first sentence that I am talking about NOT examining any such thing, as it is a trap. Here:

    useless advice of examining every silly emotion, hurt and memory of the past.”

    I have to say, J, that you tend to grab some content and subtly change the focus of what is expressed to something else. Here:

    Which is a far cry from fully feeling and processing emotions in the moment”

    Note that I spoke about emotional attachments to past traumas that people often nurse, and about the futility of indulging those. I was not discussing whatever the gamut of emotional reactions people exhibit in their everyday life.

    Having been an emotional creature and having lost that – I have lost interest in the emotional side of life. Emotions deceive in most cases.

    So yeah.. What is the guy who has just smashed a bottle and waving its shards in your direction feeling? You can bet he is feeling rather emotional, but I couldn’t give a shit.

    Emotions control and kill humans. They were useful in the Ice Age, metaphorically speaking. Not anymore. Our physiology is simply failing to catch up.

    1. Hi Tano,
      I’m back, this time with an extra ‘t’ at the end of my name. Some interesting things happened lately relating to your expression of ‘conflict will cure you’. I’ve definetely shone some light on that part of life, which has really changed my perspective on relationships and conflict in general.

      What is the guy who has just smashed a bottle and waving its shards in your direction feeling? You can bet he is feeling rather emotional, but I couldn’t give a shit.

      How come you don’t give a shit in a situation like that? I imagine you would get a flight/response – which is a physiological response – but you wouldn’t create a story out of that which would lead to feeling emotions.

      This one has been stuck in my mind as well (from Human Adulthood Part II)
      a gang of teenagers at a playground who surrounded me and my then two year old and with a swagger offered to ‘give me one’; it took me five minutes to bring the offending bubble brain to tears.

      How did you manage to drive a guy like that to tears? It’s one thing to be able to de-escalate a situation like that, but to get him to cry.. You must have been able to fully see through his thin macho veneer and express this in a way that really rattled him. But at the same time, without upsetting his buddies.

      1. “How come you don’t give a shit in a situation like that? I imagine you would get a flight/response”

        The man was emotionally charged to a point where he could have taken any move. I do not feel alert by emotionally charged people: emotion can be easily discharged. You just have to stay calm and show no aggression.

        Sometimes being straight forward also dissipates the tension. I just asked him ‘Did something happen to you?’. This question deflated him completely. He told me his whole life story then.

        Emotionally volatile people do not scare me. Coldly calculating people – do. Assassins for hire. Those who take pleasure in watching others in pain or delivering pain. Those who are unable to feel emotion… Hanibal Lectors of the world are the dangerous ones. The man with the broken bottle.. he was just lost in the moment.

        “How did you manage to drive a guy like that to tears? “

        That was a different episode. Well, he was showing off in front of his mates by demanding a shag. A fifteen year old, remember? So I just got real close to him and said ‘OK, we are gonna have it right here. Take off your pants, do it now, we shall get on with it while your mates are watching.’. I then got even closer and put my hand on his waist pretending to want to pull down his trousers. He began to panic then, but I insisted. The more I insisted – the more he panicked. He then began to cry while his mates just stood silent.

        A silly kid. I then had a speech to all of them about the value of females in their future lives, and that we do not appreciate being dragged by the hair for a fuck.

        They honestly did help me with the rolling down the swing after, and the aspiring Lothario was sat on the bench afraid to move, while others began to play footie some metres away from me. I had to walk up to him and say ‘Stop being scared, I am not gonna touch you, go play and ffs never speak to a woman the way you spoke to me’.

        I hope he will remember this for the rest of his life. These kind of episodes tend to stay in the mind of youngsters. He knew he did wrong. Someone had to show him.

        I had many episodes similar to this: bottles, baseball bats, irate teens angry at the rest of the world… English teenagers can be quite a handful 🙂

        A long list. But hardly Lara Croft.

      2. “which has really changed my perspective on relationships and conflict in general.”

        So. How do you feel about conflict?

        I do not mean people should go for conflict every time. I mean they should not avoid it just to appease the opponent. And they should not avoid it because they may be afraid of having their fragile psyche hurt.

        1. I love the way you handled the kid who asked for a shag. Thanks for teling that story.

          So. How do you feel about conflict?

          If I couldn’t avoid it, which I am very good at, I always took the ‘just lay down till it’s over’ approach. Conflict, in my mind, was this big scary thing. Now after having experienced some conflict recently, where I clearly stated my side, the whole thing has lost most of its emotional charge.
          The revelation was: It’s just a conflict of interests, or conflict of roles.
          Rationally I knew this, but realising it is different. Part of it is knowing I can hold my own, I think, which really I could only have realised after having experienced it. Especially considering all the experiences I’ve had to the contrary, when I was young.

          Still, the recent events I mentioned were minor, and I don’t know how I’d act if a guy came swinging at me with a broken bottle.

          This question deflated him completely.

          Emotions are an interesting thing, they can flip just like that. This is after a recent conversation with a friend (I told him I didn’t like some of his behavior) that I started thinking about this. It also lead to me taking them less serious.

          1. “Part of it is knowing I can hold my own, I think, which really I could only have realised after having experienced it.”

            There. That’s exactly it, and as you said.. without having conflict one can never know that they CAN hold their own. Holding one’s own is not that hard, as long as you know what ‘your own’ is and are not afraid that someone will not accept your position.

            The fact that you have the guts to express it without going nuts (aka an adult manner) is actually appreciated by most people.

            Most. Some psychopathic personalities may not like it full stop. So the side effect of conflict is also deciding whether this particular life situation is suitable for you or, perhaps, one should simply move on.

            I know that entering a full battle with narcissistic and psychopathic people is a waste of energy. Even if you ‘win’, so to speak (let’s say in a professional sense where your position is approved above theirs) – it will be a Pyrrhic victory.

            I should say that none of it is about ego games, but just stating one’s position without feeling intimidated.

            They say ‘Go through it, right in the middle”.. simply meaning one has to live something, to expose themselves to it in order to understand and realise a few things about it, be it conflict or having children or climbing the cliffs or simply trying new food.

            Hmm. I should follow my own preaching and befriend a cockroach or something… or a giant centipede.

          2. “I don’t know how I’d act if a guy came swinging at me with a broken bottle.”

            No one knows until it takes place. Instinct will take over, and everyone runs with their own instinct.

          3. one has to live something, to expose themselves to it in order to understand and realise a few things about it

            I also find that when something like that happens, a realisation, other parts of life that I have already thought about a lot also seem to fall into place more deeply.

            For example I mentioned above relationships as well. I really ‘got’ your point about relationships a lot more, that at its core it’s about sex. And how intelligence just allows one to play more intricate mind games. Had I found that out sooner I would have played my part differently. Being clear about the mind games, and the underlying nature of the relationship, would have allowed me to choose a role I wanted as opposed to just going along with it all. Of course the roles I would be able to take are limited by a lot of factors, not in the least my own nature, that of not being able to fuck over other people, but also age, gender etc.

            Knowing the rules allows me to play along with them.

            Hmm. I should follow my own preaching and befriend a cockroach or something… or a giant centipede.

            Bet there’s plenty of really creepy bugs in Cambodia, if anything you could get a good article out of it.

    2. FWIW – During my own multi-year purge, there were many dozens of episodes where past ‘traumas’ were re-experienced, like a past life review. When that happened, something inside changed gears, opened up… and previously stuck energy rapidly ran its course through and out of my bodymind. It was very palpable, every time.
      Afterwards, the data was still there, but fully discharged. A dry, inert memory. Can’t hardly remember any of it now, but at the time is was spectacular, and hugely freeing.

  6. “but you are 4F because of flat feet”

    Ha! Was just reading something on Wiki and came across this one by sheer accident. It means ‘Unfit for service’ used by American military.

    1. I always like the examples and references Jed used in his books, this one is new to me too.

  7. T,

    Is the human reality, world, and consciousness possible – without memory, every silly emotion, and hurt?

  8. Hi A,

    I know you are asking more in a poetic sense, but I can only give a clinically bare answer.

    Is human reality possible without memory… Yes, but it would be a reality of a very lost human. Think of all those amnesia cases.

    Is human reality possible without every silly emotion… yes, very much so. Without hurt? Yes, but mostly after some serious hurt.

    Is world possible without memory? Of course. Your memory loss does not impact the world in any way. Without emotion? Well, rocks have no emotion, and they are part of the world. Without hurt? Yes, the world is possible without hurt.

    Is consciousness possible without memory? It depends on what you understand as consciousness, and then the answer would be ‘yes’ for the first understanding, and ‘no’ for the second understanding.

    Is consciousness possible without emotion? Yes.

    Is consciousness possible without hurt? Yes.

    Consciousness is the property of the mind. Consider what your mind can and cannot be, and here is your answer.

    P.S. Perhaps, you will part with that poetic crap one day.

  9. hello again tano. really enjoyed that one. cool. regarding the lions, i had the very same eye opening revelation watching a different lions show that sounds the very same. two male lions followed a pride for months before finally getting up the “courage” or more likely awareness, that they could run off the king of the pride. when that was done they immediately set about killing all his cubs. they killed three cubs of one of the females first and because of that this female quickly went into heat – at least did so before the males could kill off the offspring from the other females. this immediately distracted the males who then mated with her, taking turns multiple times a day for many days consecutively.

    when i saw all of this i had that moment of clarity and put all of this into a human story. think of it: two dudes run off the polygamous father and then kill three of his children in cold blood. and then the mother of the killed children submits to the two men (or gets raped). No obvious grief etc. and in an interesting turn, in this episode, her act saves the other children.

    Yes. I know what you’re talking about. can’t wait to watch the episode you posted.

    perfect. clarity is unfettering.

    1. “i had the very same eye opening revelation”

      Good. People watch/read something and fail to make connections to other life phenomena or to own life. How can a gang of pillaging lions be related to human behaviour? To me? To you? To all of us?

      This process of gaining clarity is about gaining the ability to connect the dots. It reveals a broad picture of Reality that most people are oblivious to. I mean.. loss of a job or a relationship or a property or a relative feels much more urgent and important to truly consider their meaning as very relative.

      This damn importance of our lives to ourselves..

  10. just realized, the video you published may be the one i’m referencing. wouldn’t that be interesting!

  11. and i’m really having a good time here. i wrote: perfect. clarity is unfettering.”
    but i could have removed the period and it might be more true:
    perfect clarity is unfettering.


    1. All is relative. Meaning: perfect clarity is unfettered only within the realm of the mind.

      Within the realm of the world out there… no one is entirely free (unfettered).

      1. Of course. But all is mind isn’t it? At least as far as we know. And I don’t know how to verify anything outside of perception. Do you? And perception itself cannot be verified but it’s all we have and thus all there is.

        The very idea of “freedom” only “is” within our minds. The very idea of imprisonments and therefore the need to be free does not exist except within our minds right? Of course, we can have more or less constraining lives based on the society and immediate environment in which we live – for example, being a woman in a highly religious society seems very constraining to me and there are many examples of physical prisons. So practically, I’d prefer a more open society but my level of imprisonment is fully within my mind. If I let go completely of the concepts of freedom and imprisonment the ideas dissolve and all just is.

        Or so it seems to me.

        Thanks again. Peace.

        1. @jmk

          “But all is mind isn’t it? At least as far as we know.”

          Let me correct you here. All is PERCEIVED with your individual human mind, in the same way billions of other humans perceive with their minds. Then there are animals who also perceive with their minds.

          But all IS NOT mind. I would say an amoeba would take offense at this statement ‘All is mind’… if the amoeba had a mind, that is. But it does not, which does not exclude it from being part of this world.

          So all is not mind. This inaccurate statement comes from those spiritual fogs colour purple. Sounds concise and captivating, a nice slogan. But not true.

          “And I don’t know how to verify anything outside of perception.”

          Do you mean nothing can be verified without perception? Of course. Being without perception means you are in a coma or dead.

          Nothing can be verified if one cannot receive information that is coming in through the senses, and then process it according to internal instincts and prior experience (aka ‘perceive it’).

          “So practically, I’d prefer a more open society”

          Animal kingdom is very open: free for all if one has strength and aggression to take it. But it is also a place where every animal is on edge every second of their life. If they let their guard down – they will be eaten in no time at all. Consider that.

          “all just is.”

          Well, that’s one blanket statement. We understand that all just is, that’s hardly rocket science. The question arises however… what exactly is? And this is where most people stall. They do not want to look deeper.

          What is?

          1. Hello Tano. Just noticed your response. Thanks for responding. You commented the following:

            “Let me correct you here. All is PERCEIVED with your individual human mind, in the same way billions of other humans perceive with their minds. Then there are animals who also perceive with their minds.

            But all IS NOT mind. I would say an amoeba would take offense at this statement ‘All is mind’… if the amoeba had a mind, that is. But it does not, which does not exclude it from being part of this world.

            So all is not mind.”

            I see your logic although I would suggest you are in error. Just because an amoeba does not have a mind does not mean that all is not mind. My comment, rather than being a slogan, (God forbid!) simply means that for this one life here , “me” everything is mind. I don’t know if there is anything out there really. Yes it all appears to be there. But I don’t, can’t know it. And that’s fine. Trees don’t have mind either and yet I love them. Doesn’t mean they’re actually there. That’s all I meant. Everything that “is” for me is mind. It perceives the world and generates my thoughts and runs the body – or maybe it doesn’t. Something does. I am calling that something “mind.” Maybe “mind” is the dreamer who is dreaming my life – that’s too close to Jed but what the hell. Mind is whatever is creating and creating this life of mine.

            I’ve learned something here with your comments. Avoid the catchphrases of others. That’s lazy (don’t tell j( 😊. Use my words to spell out exactly what I’m thinking. Could help me throw out the bullshit.

          2. @ jmk

            “I don’t know if there is anything out there really.”

            Really? Well, I can’t help you there. If you are not sure there is anything then.. you need a course of cult deprogramming. I am saying this because the New Age doctrine of ‘nothing can be known or proved’ somehow has transformed into ‘Therefore, nothing is out there, therefore nothing exists’. Yet…. advaita itself and other strands of Indian thought (that so influenced our home grown Western gurus) were decidedly MATERIALISTIC and never denied the existence of the material world.

            I cannot de-programme your mind, since, according to you, your mind is all there is, and that would be a task too big for any human: to de-programme all that is, ha-ha.

            “Avoid the catchphrases of others. [….] Use my words to spell out exactly what I’m thinking.”

            That’s excellent. I’d rather you spelt out your own mind creations, no matter how misty. But is it really your own? Who and what placed the idea of ‘all is mind’ in there, huh?..

            Enjoy the fog.

  12. Ill have to watch your videos sometime. I have enjoyed watching male lions in particular in the past. The rawness of it. Not sure what that says about me.

    The lioness submits to the male lions out of survival instinct. All the little sluts come onto me at my place of employment, knowing I’m a married man, simply because of my stature and standing, without so much of an ounce of provocation.

    There are alot of likenesses between human and animal behavior nature no matter how evolved we like to attempt to act at times.

    The only difference seems to be that humans love the political and moral games whereas animals simply are more direct.

    1. Not sure what that says about me.

      Not much I think, plenty of people enjoy nature documentaries. A lot of them beautify nature though, more than necessary, so you don’t see that ‘rawness’ in a lot of them. But I’m guessing you don’t like those as much.

      The lioness submits to the male lions out of survival instinct.

      Watched the documentary, the lioness actually seemed to determine when it was gonna happen. The two male lions in the video had to wait for over a day or so before she was ready to mate.

      All the little sluts

      Nice way to talk about those girls. It almost seems like you look down at them. Women like to fuck, so what? And if they’re at an age where they don’t have to settle down with one guy yet, what’s the harm. The fact that they’re attracted to you also makes me think that they have good taste, since you seem like a pretty cool guy. And is there really not a part of you that enjoys them flirting with you? Knowing you could fuck them if you wanted to.

    2. But the issue you have is probably more with the fact that they’re flirting with a married man. The fact that you’re married probably adds to their attraction to you. Still, that hardly makes them sluts in my opinion. Just girls with a very low moral standard. They’d be better off to just move on.

      1. They wont because its their biological imperative to mate with the alpha males.

        I dont take any issue with any of it. Its all fascinating.

        1. I’m a bit disappointed at your answer because you didn’t address anything I said. Of course it’s your choice in what you write, but I was hoping for a bit more. I tend to disagree with a lot of what you say but I think it’s very interesting to hear from you. A lot of people don’t really have a strong opinion about most things, or at least not a very thought out opinion.

          I personally really dislike the term alpha males. It’s been overused a lot by insecure, lost young men in their 20s (granted, I’m still in my 20s as well). It also makes masculinity and sexual attraction seem so black and white,
          or binary, when it has a million shades of grey in my view.

          1. I dont have alot of time. Not sure what you want me to say. Its not very complicated and I am who I am unapologetically. I state things as I see them. Its fine that you dont agree with what i have to say. We’re two different people.

        2. Wow. Dude. You are filled with judgements. You’re an “alpha” male and the women are “slutty girls.” Holy crap. And you have kutkatt telling you you’re a “pretty cool guy.” Amazing. Humans are so easily and obviously conditioned and can’t see it – Forrest for the trees and all that. Cray.

          1. What’s wrong with judgements? You just made plenty of them yourself:


            Humans are so easily and obviously conditioned and can’t see it


            How is what j( said related to conditioning and what do you mean by “Forest for the trees” in this particular context?

          2. @kutkatt:
            I make no claim to be enlightened. What’s wrong with judgements? Nothing is wrong with judgements. We parse (judge) things all day long everyday. He looks unfriendly. She looks kind. He’s handsome. She’s plain. Etc.

            My point was that j( is making judgements and pronouncing them as truth. He seems to believe that his judgements are not judgements at all but fact. And they are pernicious beliefs (my judgement about his beliefs).

            The “conditioned” part refers to the fact that we all seem to have a predilection to follow anyone if they speak with strength – regardless of the message. I could site any number of dictators as examples – Hitler being the most obvious. We have been conditioned to respect and follow authority which on the one hand seems to help society function as a whole and on the other lead us into harm – abusive priests comes to mind.

            We can’t see the Forrest for the trees is referring to the fact that it would seem j( believes he’s arrived at some great truths when in fact mired in ego. It’s the concept that he is mired in ego while believing he is free of it. (I must now point out these are my judgements about my reading of his words).

            That said, I do believe it is important to acknowledge life for what it is. Nature does not care and will harm us as quick as help us.

            Not sure these comments clear anything up. But thanks for asking and forcing me to keep my toes to the fire instead of waxing nonsense that sounds good (or not).

          3. @ jmk

            Mr. G, you have a finely tuned internal sense which should potentially take you out of the woods, but ONLY if you learn to trust it.
            I say as much as we are all very self centred, most people do not actually trust themselves. They follow because of the inherent belief that someone ‘knows better’.
            But the fact is that even if that someone really does know better.. they only know THEIR truth, and their truth may not even be the final, ‘end of all searching’ truth.

            Therefore.. trust no one when it comes to discovering Reality for yourself. Trust only self. No one can ride that bike for us, or chew that steak for us, or beat our heart for us.

            Same with thinking – for yourself.

            Good luck.

          4. Youre an interesting fellow. First, i claimed my experience to be fact, not “truth.”

            Second no one is free of ego/self, and why should they want to be? All we can do is live and report our experience from here live and on the scene.

            Searching for truth will leave you grasping for nothing,

            “Waxing nonsense”… to me is like you lording some notion of “truth” over my own direct experience. 😀

  13. People like to complicate things. The “millions of shades” are the stories that people create. Reality is much simpler.
    Women are attracted to strong dominant men. Fact. Non strong and dominant men make up stories and rationalizations about love and attraction.

    1. Thats probably why I admire the animal kingdom. This stuff is so much more direct with them. They size each other up in the pecking order of things within seconds.

      People politic.

      1. As a result their way of being although sometimes more primitive is much more simple. Reminds me of a quote “placid and serene.”

        Anyways, Sorry dude thats all i got on that. I try not to over think things.

        1. One last thing, even if she settles for an inferior man, her drive for the alpha male will never go away. Look at divorce rates.

          1. And he is always looking for the younger and more fertile version.

            People are this way by their nature. Its their mind that wont let them see the reality. And their morality wont let them admit it to themselves.

      1. I was referring to sexual attraction not the mother instinct.

        This is observable between you and “kuttkat”

    2. There is truth there for sure. And in the mammalian kingdom it would appear that strength and intimidation are the traits that allow males to snag all the females. But do the females “choose” these males? We don’t know. It appears to mess if the females do not get a choice. That’s not exactly choosing.

      Regarding humans, things are obviously more complex. To my mind, it would appear that money is more important than appearance in many instances. Women appear to be more interested in security than appearance in men (which is why we see so many beautiful young women with older unattractive men). However, there are plenty of examples of women who are attracted to qualities other than your so-called “alpha” traits, whatever they may be. Some women prefer skinny little guys; some prefer a sense of humor; to some kindness matters most; and some prefer subservient men (gasp!). And on and on. I didn’t specify these things earlier because I thought they were obvious. I was wrong.

      Okay. I’m not interested in changing anyone’s views on their world. Only my own. Writing helps me maybe. I wrote this because comments were made regarding my earlier posts. Be well everyone.

      1. So your belief is…who knows what women want. Hope thats somehow helpful for you. And i hope you dont think that what either of us thinks is “true” at all. Its experiential which for me is as good as it gets. Take care.

    1. But yeah thank you. Just because i dont value the sharing as much doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel good from time to time. Thanks again.

        1. Little sluts? Alpha male?

          So your mother was a slut and your daddy was the alpha?

          Is that what the issue is?

          1. I will stop, sorry I didnt mean to turn this into a dick contest. It just aggravates me to hear this stuff. Its derogatory dressed as fact.

          2. Look at what i said. 2 separate statements.

            Females are attracted to alpha males. Fact.

            Second: I view the little girls that hit on me as sluts because they know im taken. Fact.

            Thats how great your morality is. It has you all so emotional that you cant even have a straightforward conversation about human nature.

            Nevermind. I wont waste my time and have need need for agreement. Thanks.

          3. My morality at play would be my evaluation of them being sluts. Not necessary. But first i would have to admit that as the reality rather than play little social games so you guys dont disapprove of me. Then we could get it out there and address it. Thats what an adult conversation would look like.

          4. And perhaps you could take the time to figure out what ive said makes you so angry. Im reporting from here. Its 100% accurate. Its NOT expected that you should agree. But it IS my experience so….will you do that? Not likely. Its much easier to brush me off as some “derogatory king kong.”
            Lol thats fine. Makes no difference to me.

        2. Id post a dick pic here if i could 😉”
          “its too small for the camera”

          Send me a photo. I will write an article devoted exclusively to your dick: its size (tremendous), its shape (perfect), its performance (genius)… hang on a minute!! reminds me of another narcissist – Mr. D.Trump.

          J, no matter how strong you believe yourself to be, shouting about own strengths and male virtues makes any man – weak.

          1. We were talking about the likeness between animal and human nature. I have no interest in discussing morality.

          2. “I have no interest in discussing morality”

            Yet, you were the first one to bring the notion of morality into focus. Looking down on ‘sluts’ who approach you as a married man is exactly about the man-made morality that you denounce, and yet display in abundance here in your writings.

            You have no awareness of contradictions in your thinking: the content of your writing does not align with what you end up doing.

            Which makes me think that your own morality is that of the animal kind – very loose or comprehended as the offshoot of the animal morality. Many animals do have morality in its basic form, but why keep it basic when we as humans have advanced thinking capacity?

            Anyway… you are who you are. When faced with big egos in real physical life I choose to cut them off, out of my life.

          3. Thats just it. You can’t separate humans from their morality completely which was what i was wanting to discuss and then explore what that means in relation to the “silly, thoughts, emotions and memories” in short animals aren’t evaluating these things. Part of me thinks that they are more in touch with their true nature me because of that.

            I probably do have a big ego. Im okay with that. In real life i actually get along with most people really well because words are just words. Its your general presence that mostly affects others.

          4. Or do you think it IS human nature to evaluate. I tend to think that its more of a learned trait.

          5. I get evaluation based on survival but EVERYTHING? No you said so yourself. And i think its the reason why most people are out of touch with reality, stuck in their heads, judgmental and unhappy.

          6. People will always have different evaluations which will always lead to differences. We have lost our ability to just observe and be without judgment. All it takes is a word to make people lose their shit. Humanity is lost in the mind. We have forgotten how to just be with each other.

          7. Because of that we superimpose unnatural rules onto our way of life because we think we know better.

            There im done

          8. Anyways you guys totally lost the point by going off on a tangent regarding a word which was actually kinda the point…


  14. “People are this way by their nature. Its their mind that wont let them see the reality. And their morality wont let them admit it to themselves.”

    Yeah.. throw morality (aka the rules of right conduct) out the window and be the alpha King Kong that you already are. The law of the jungle, right? Eat or get eaten, correct?

    The world is full of King Kongs, but there are very few humans.

    1. Well, you dont have to be mad about it. But yes, seeing the reality of a situation has proven helpful towards taking real action steps rather than lamenting and shoulding everything and everything (including myself) to death.


      1. Haha. Great discussion – and I’m late to the party. But even your comment about all people being “good” at their basic level is blindly judgemental. First you have decided what is “good” and therefore by default what is “bad.” But there is no such thing in real reality. All only “is.” The lions can teach that if we let them.
        And it is not a “fact” that these women are “little sluts.” You are blind man. You have made a judgement about what constitutes a “slut” and then call it a fact. Lol.

        If you believe in evolution, then you would believe that the females in mammalian species are driven to mate with those males which provide the greatest likelihood for propagation of the species. But of course, it is very unlikely that any female mammal outside of humans actually have these thoughts. In the end, it is either the male who gets there first or in the scenario where two or more males are present, the strongest or best fighter. But humans are different.

        Humans have indeed clouded that drive with many many other things. Like brain power! And now, thankfully, it is not all about the males dictating to women. Women more and more have the power to decide for themselves what and when and who they want to fuck and it is not driven solely by “alpha” males – makes me laugh every time I type that. It is really so immature it’s funny to me.

        Of course, it is fully possible that the scenario you have painted is happening. But it is folly to project your idea about what is happening in your immediate reality to all of humanity.

        Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. I’m not talking about morality here. I don’t care about morality.

        I’m very happy you said those things because it gave me some stuff to say. I enjoyed that!

        Last funny thing I want to say on this: you’re accusing Tano of doing what in fact you’re doing. And you’re suggesting you want to have a discussion devoid of morality to get down to the basics and yet you are blindly hanging all the morality and judgement on everything you’re saying! So funny. None of it is “fact” my friend. It’s all what you believe.

        1. What is real reality? Is that where you live, in real reality?

          You seem very far removed from real reality as I see it, which is the human reality.

          How are humans any different? Like you said, we have the same drive, we just dressed it up differently.

          You really don’t care about morality?

        2. My world view suits me just fine and I gave up thinking about this over a week ago. Guess you’ll just have to give up your gig at being a professional critic and come up with your own points of discussion and then find someone who cares.

          1. Hahaha! And yet here you are! Lol.

            And for the record, I didn’t care about anything you said for anymore time than I had to respond. I read your comments on July 9 and responded immediately. Not that I care about you – I don’t. Well, okay, I guess one can call it “caring” enough to respond to your amusing words. It was enjoyable for me. Hadn’t thought about it again until right now when I decide to come back and look to see if I had stirred anything up! And lo. Here you are again. Ego’s love this shit. Thanks for the fun alpha male! 😂😂🤪

  15. @j(

    I wont waste my time and have need need for agreement.

    It has you all so emotional that you cant even have a straightforward conversation about human nature.

    Its much easier to brush me off as some “derogatory king kong.”

    You seem quite judgemental of Panos showing a bit of frustration at your viewpoint. He never called you king kong, and he immediately apologized for his comment which was a nice gesture in my opinion. Implying that interacting with him is a waste of time seems quite arrogant to me, you base that on just a few comments too. This has come up before, but you are really hard-headed man. But you seem to view that as a positive, like you’re proud of that, that nobody can really affect because you have such a strong will. Although, this is just me spitballing.

    Lol thats fine. Makes no difference to me.

    It does not seem to me that it’s ‘fine’ to you. The ‘lol’ is derogatory the way you use it here.

    This is observable between you and “kuttkat”

    Interesting, please elaborate on what you mean by that.

      1. lol, good one, no sarcasm

        That’s not really my point though. It was about if you’re aware of the way you are communicating. To me it looked like you were not, and that it seemed to me like you were acting out of emotion yourself, or some form of righteousness.

          1. “i do regard myself higher than most others”

            Vanity is one of the most unpleasant HUMAN qualities. Note: human, not animal.

            Comes from the most primitive form of the ego. Some humans have bii-iii-ig BIG egos.

          2. Not sure what that matters to you.

            I do not like to be treated by someone who regards himself as higher than me, or seeing someone treat others that way. (Please do not take this to mean that I am hurt or asking for an apology, I’m just expressing a preference for how I’d like to be treated.)

            What if someone came along who viewed himself as higher than you? There’s no end to it if you view the world that way. There will always be someone else who comes along and views himself as even higher. It’s an unwinnable game.

            Having a higher moral standard (or any other quality) does not mean that you can then regard yourself as higher than others as a person, in my opinion.

            Doesn’t mean I don’t have a preference for interacting with certain people.

            What do you get out of it regarding yourself as higher than others? To me that does appear to be a choice (to a certain extent), to view it that way. It’s not just ‘the way it is’, there being a hierarchy of sorts.

      1. No dude you’re just trying to shame me for not being as you’d like. It cant be done. I really don’t care what you do.

      2. I value integrity. As in self integrity. The quality of being whole. True to yourself. Even if that means i may bear traits that others deem desirable.

      3. No dude you’re just trying to shame me for not being as you’d like.

        Doesn’t come across as rude to me, no worries. I can understand why you see it that way.

        In my view, I’m pointing out inconsistencies in what you’re saying, not trying to shame you. But I get that you don’t see what I see as inconsistencies and I might be coming across as a nitpicker.

        I liked your answer when you said: “I probably do have a big ego. Im okay with that.” in response to Tano.

        If it’s a conscious choice to remain that way, that’s fine to me. I guess what I wanted to know was if that was the case, and if and why you’re okay with that.

          1. I am not suggesting that you should be different, I am saying that I don’t agree with your viewpoint.

            Here’s what I don’t agree with:
            You have a higher regard of yourself than of most people. You putting yourself as the moral judge when you called those women little sluts.

            Why don’t I agree with that? Because treating other people how I’d like to be treated is important to me. This doesn’t mean that I want everyone to be nice to me all the time, it goes both ways. For example, If I’m acting like a dickhead I’d deserve to get smacked in the head. But I don’t act like a dickhead, because I don’t like it when other people treat me like that.

            What I think you mean by higher the way you used it is that as a human being you are better than someone else, fundamentally. To me that is wrong, and simply not possible. You can be stronger, more charming, richer, etc., but that doesn’t mean you are a better person. Still human, always will be.

            If someone was a total asshole, wifebeater, then I’d view him as a bad person. ‘Bad’ because he is an asshole and a wifebeater, because of his behavior, and not bad on a fudamental level. Fundamentally he’s a human, there is no distinction on that level of good or bad to me. You do seem to make that distinction, which is what I don’t agree with. It’s a small one, but very important in my opinion. If that distinction is not there, that’s what leads to calling other people little sluts.

            And if so for whom?

            Here’s what I think you are saying here: Should I be different because someone tells me so? Because you tell me so? Who do you think you are, you’re not that important.

            I’d never tell someone to change because I or someone else told them. I’ll leave that to the IG-forum. This is stating the obvious, and my guess is you view this in a similar way but, I’d say only change if you’ve thought about something yourself and agree with it.

          2. Thats where we are different. I owe people honesty. Not good feelings (although sometimes). And thats whats important to me honesty and authenticity from which there is a place to work. Fake socially acceptable behavior just creates facades and chaos.

          3. No you didnt bud. Youre jus talking in circles telling me if i want to be nice be nice and yada yada yada.

            I was trying to get to the point that this constant evaluation (see above^^^) yanks you out of your very life experience into the mind. Im not into that.

            Nothing else to say. Ill consider being a nicer person and not saying the word slut out loud.


  16. Observe the storm in a teacup..

    ..and you lot (speaking hypothetically here, on those spiritual dudes who walk on mental happy pill clouds) are hoping for peace and love and all that good shit, when three healthy youngish chaps here cannot keep up the objective dialogue without resorting to ‘You are this, man’… ‘You are that, man’.

    Observe male egos in action. In one of my earliest articles I once said “I don’t know a single male in the entire world, in the entire history of the world, who has ever lost his ego”.

    A thing of beauty.

  17. But have you met a lot of women who have lost their ego? I’m curious to know what you’d have to say about them.

    For men it’s their ego that can get in the way. But women’s focus on cooperation etc. can also be problematic right.

    1. No one, be it male or female, can lose the ego. ‘Ego’ = I. I AM.

      However, it is the males who are fond of discussing ego till the cows come home.

      Or worse… claiming they’ve lost it. Show me a man with the lost ego, and I will show you a lifeless corpse.

      But what about women? The relative lack of testosteron keeps the females more mellow. They do have egos (the special ‘I’ needs to survive after all, just like males do), but no overt aggression acompanies that in most.

      Our physicality determines much of what spills out into the world. The most aggressive males are pumped up full of hormones. Women are radically different in that way. There aren’t many female King Kongs.

      The only reason women latch on to the so called alpha males in this day and age is because they are conditioned to, from an early age, to aspire to the toy status. It is a mindless unprocessed following of the pack, in essence.

      You should see how it is in Asia. Women here are an open commodity, full stop, for sale to the highest bidder.

      1. Its actually a physical response. Ive noticed when im in the same vicinity as another couple. So im not sure that it is conditioning all the way, there is also that biological aspect.

      2. Thanks for the long reply.

        “to aspire to the toy status”

        You mean women aspire to be the in the position where they are the sexual play thing for alpha males. And that that is because of conditioning, and not because they chose that themselves.

        And then the women in Asia didn’t have that conditioning growing up, and so they don’t place any special importance on sex and just sell it to random men because they need money.

        Is that what you meant or am I overcomplicating things? It sounds pretty on point to me this way.

  18. Ive also noticed that it ties into ambition. Most females prefer their men to be ambitious rather that a bunch of push overs that force the wkmen tk be the problem solvers. Most of us here in Wyoming are fairly rugged and its nkt much of a probe but i can see how actually the softening of men like you’re talking about, has been more detrimental than anything when it comes to the male female relationship.

  19. Btw, do you know about Robert Saltzman, I always thought of him as pretty on point, but now I’m starting to think he’s full of shit. For example, this was in one of his messages on Facebook:

    “Hello, Sanjay. You have your finger right on the pulse of this issue. I replied in detail to your questions in the Facebook thread because they were good questions that indicated to me a readiness, willingness, and ability to look into the depths of this matter, and I see that I was not mistaken.”

    Sounds like he’s in the high guru role, and he judged the student to be ready for him to spill the good news on him. He’s similar to the very obvious gurus, it’s just that the packaging is very elaborate. Now that I’m looking at his messages they thave this air of ‘bestowing wisdom’, instead of him just telling it how he sees it.

    1. Your assessment is correct.

      I had a very brief exchange with him back in 2017, when he was beginning to spread his wings, sort of gearing up for gurudom.

      It was on Facebook, as I then opened the EM account for a while. I asked him a few questions, direct, but polite. After literally 10 sentences he blocked me. Perhaps, I was getting too close to the essence of the man; made him uncomfortable I guess.

      I do not block people. J had a short (and well deserved) break once.

      Other than that…. what’s the point of placing this kind of barrier between self and others? One will never learn anything while sitting in the trenches.

      1. Lets see if we can make it an even longer one 😉

        PS the only reason to block someone would be if you actually believe that what another person thinks and then posts on the internet matters or is reflective of reality whatsoever.

          1. Yo j. I notice below that you refer to “inferior beings.” I’m just wondering what you mean by that. Btw, self love is wonderful. I applaud you in that. It becomes irksome when you put yourself “above” others using your arbitrary scales. There is in fact more “there.” And it’s cool that you’re looking – if you are. And there is a ton to look at regarding conditioning if you’re so inclined. Tough to tell what’s biology and what’s socialization in my opinion. It’s complicated right?

            It reads to me like you are pretty conditioned yourself. Is it at all possible that your objectivity is clouded by your conditioning?

            And btw, you are totally correct that jealousy in whatever form is likely to be incurred by one who overtly loves himself.

            My goal is to throw out, or rather root out all my conditioning – impossible I know. I want to get to the base level of things. I want simple. It’s not for everyone.

            I also wonder why you’re here – not that you shouldn’t be or that I’m trying to get rid of you. Far from it. I’m just curious how someone like you ends up on this particular thread on this particular website. The chances seem impossibly remote to me.

            Anyway, thanks again all. I enjoy coming back here and reading your thoughts!


          2. What i mean by “inferior people” is basically people i look down on. It could be for various reasons but most of my experience with them has been that alot of them are both physically and mentally lazy. Thats probably the biggest kne for me.

            You’re wondering why im here, why i see things the way i do. Why why? What if i told you that ive chosen to occupy my viewpoints?

            You said…”My goal is to throw out, or rather root out all my conditioning – impossible I know. I want to get to the base level of things. I want simple. It’s not for everyone”

            Id say that ive you really wanted simple you’d stop trying to “root out” anything. Im not interested in getting rid of anything. Im just here to share things as i see them really how its recieved is none of my business.

        1. “Lets see if we can make it an even longer one”

          I presume you are talking about me blocking you again? No. Despite being an annoying self-centered admirer of glorious self, with the corresponding covert self praise… there is no malice in you, J.

          It COULD develop into malice should you ever find yourself in a position of power, like a little African dictator. It could, the potential is there. But not yet, so..

          Deliberately malicious intent is when I would block someone, but that would also be irrevocable.

          1. I just find it an interesting thing that humans try to shame each other for self love dont you?

            Ive never been malicious but if youd like to invite malice into your life, ive noticed that all you have to do is openly love yourself in front of others who dont do that for themselves.

          2. if youd like to invite malice into your life”

            Gosh, J… what’s gonna happen when you, as you say, openly love yourself in front of others?

            What kind of malice do you expect then?

          3. Not sure what you’re asking. Its just a weird thing to observe in people. Some strange social mechanism or something.

            We can run around appreciating anything in the world except ourselves. That it seems is unacceptable in the eyes of others.

            I dont feel as if im boastful just supremely confident. Why would that be a problem in the eyes of others? Again, just noticing.

            What happens though when we just do anyways, regardless how other people feel about it. Realizing that we are the only ones who can source those things anyways? I dont know the answer, just something ive been considering.

            Im noticing that all these little coments and opinions about it matter less and less. One can be more firm in their being i suppose but thats not intrusive so what gives? Its an interesting thing watching (trigger word) inferior people try to throw stones. Try to bring you down. Why? Again i don’t know, just considering. Human life and behavior.

            There is something “powerful” there to be discovered i suppose for lack of a better word. But its covered in personal and social shame that one must continue to brush off. Dont shine too brightly you know. You may attract attention from those who dont know where the source of their own light exists so they envy yours.

            People are weird which is just another reason not to concern yourself with them. So im self centered you could say. I would say that its the only way to actually be or else your just spending your life seeking the answers and approval everywhere else.

          4. I think part of the issue is the miss interpretation of confidence with ego superiority. There is a subtle power and certainty in those assured fron within. One is based in fear and the other just is.

          5. Well even i find preference for more humble athletes and things like that but its interesting right? Why should i? Its likely that their high sense of belief in themselves can be attributed to their success. What does it matter to me if truly are humble or not? Is that just my own insecurities?

            There is a story in the bible about Sampson before he cut his hair…

            Idk and im not looking for answers these are just the things i think about sometimes

          6. I dont think it’s a complication. They are confident in their commitment to the process as opposed as defining themselves from the recognition. My ideas on it at least. I think its also because once you dedicate yourself to some purpose niceness and superfluous behaviors become less important. No need to derive value from other in that way.

          7. I liked you answer though and wasnt trying to complicate it.

            It definitely matters whether you are inwardly confident or intrusively boastful.

    1. What questions did you ask him?”

      I cannot remember now, but it was something about general ‘spiritual’ concepts that are such a popular point of discussion.

      From his replies I got it that he was faking it for the purposes of guess what? His freshly published book 🙄

      This story line just keeps repeating. I cannot comprehend how something so obvious (prophet for profit) is so opaque to the general population which keeps latching on to each regurgitated offering.

      And the more I get to know Mr. Mckenna – the more dishonest his enterprise looks.

      Truth lol. It’s coming, Jed baby.. oh yeah.. it’s coming.

        1. Oh well… there is a saying “The holy place is never empty”.

          This particular fairy tale hen will keep on laying golden eggs for scores of enterprising men and, to a lesser degree, women.

  20. “Not sure what you’re asking.”

    I thought my question was clear, but may be not. You said:

    “if youd like to invite malice into your life, ive noticed that all you have to do is openly love yourself”

    I am asking what kind of malice you would invite into your life if you openly love yourself. Care to unpack it?

  21. “Its an interesting thing watching (trigger word) inferior people try to throw stones. Try to bring you down.”

    You see.. I don’t even think in those terms. Inferior people? Bringing me down? Throw stones? How? Am I up in some way, or more deserving of life? Or less deserving, come to think of it?

    I don’t perceive the stone throwing, J. It’s the honest truth. Let’s say a five year old child is having a tantrum, and I interpret this as some sort of affront towards me as a parent. I perceive it as the child’s way of belittling me. Now… don’t you think this is a bit silly to think in those terms? A tantrum is a tantrum.

    Well.. most physically grown up people still have a child’s mind. They perceive most things as a personal affront. This is why Facebook and even this place here is full of personal confrontations between participants.

    I suggest you get out of this mind frame as soon as possible. It is your ego (aka your glorious self) imagining some illusory danger in another’s behaviour towards you – hence ‘throwing stones’ epithet, even if you do not see it that way.

  22. “Dont shine too brightly you know. You may attract attention from those who dont know where the source of their own light exists so they envy yours.”

    That is true, but so what? There are millions out there who would be way more talented than you and I. There are also millions who would be less so compared to you and I. From this standpoint – let others be who they are, whether they have found their own light or not.

    It is not my concern. I am concerned with being me. It just feels.. comfortable to be me and no one else. And then the envy (or admiration for that matter) of others stop being important.

    I hope that makes sense.

  23. “There is a subtle power and certainty in those assured fron within. One is based in fear and the other just is.”

    This is very true and somehow manifests across physical life. I am actually amazed just how much one can get away with when exercising this subtle power. Somehow people sense that one is not afraid, and yeild to that. It is truly mind boggling.

    1. Thanks for the replies id like to let it go and I guess for me as alway is gonna be about balance and making practical use of the ego discussion. Knowing when its helpful to have self belief and when its helpful not to believe in yourself.

      Take care guys.

      1. Knowing when its helpful to have self belief and when its helpful not to believe in yourself.”

        It is not about belief in self or lack thereof. It is about trust in being the self that you are. A subtle, but powerful difference.

        Take care, J.

        1. “Trust in being the self that you are.”

          I like it!

          I’m reading a book about Maslows idea of Transcendence through Self Actualization. Sounds like we’re on the same sh’t!

          1. Never read, but I know of his pyramid conceptualization. Jed seemed to have been taken over by it when he produced his own… pyramid drawing.

            As a side note.. ‘transcendence’ is a big and popular spiritual word. Look up its meaning: it is a word with no real meaning, full of pretense and a claim to something big and important.

            I came to dislike it much.

          2. Yeah, I can appreciate the idea as it’s somewhat in alignment with my personal philosophy but its after all just another book and Im not needing to be comforted that there are other people who are in agreement with me.

            How are you? Noticed that you’re not writing much here lately.

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