Manipulated From Behind Smiling Faces… In COVID-19 Times

I would like to briefly consider the alignment of truth with the current events where a spntaneous gesture of thanking the medical personnel turned into a political show. Yes, they save our lives, but what is happening on the ground besides clapping?

The Lie of ‘clap for heroes’.

“…buying and using a disposable phone, finding and buying another truck, being lied to and manipulated from behind smiling faces and friendly voices, dealing with notaries and documents and overnight couriers, and all sorts of tiresome little activities..”

Jed McKenna

One phrase in what ‘Jed’ wrote above in relation to his truck adventure rings true. It especially rings true when one looks at the so called ‘expression of gratitude’ for the current battle of world health workers.

|| lied to and manipulated from behind smiling faces and friendly voices

Let me explain.

You’ve seen it on the news: clap (because we care), bang the drums, sing arias, whistle cheer tunes, and the surgically white, immaculately attired Alicia Keys playing the newly penned song of appreciation.

They care, right?

Use your common sense. Here is the Reality, but only if you care to know.

Firstly, what choice do our healthcare workers have, but to stick with the job? Here she/he was, a doctor or nurse, going about their daily duties when the virus madness struck. Does one take a pose and say ‘Not gonna do it, too dangerous’, as a result losing the job and any means of survival? I think not. Those of you who still have the job – there soon will be (or even now are) hundreds, maybe thousands, who will eagerly grab it from under your nose given half a chance. Think in terms of The Great Depression.

Secondly, the PRESSURE on those remaining to perform and give the last drop of effort is IMMENSE.

A nurse at the Cremona hospital near Milan. Pic: Nurse Times

|| I am afraid because the mask might not stick properly to the face, or I might have accidentally touched myself with dirty gloves, or maybe the lenses don’t cover my eyes fully and something slipped by.

|| I am physically tired because the protective devices hurt, the lab coat makes me sweat and once I’m dressed I can no longer go to the bathroom or drink for six hours.

|| I am psychologically tired, like all my colleagues who have been in the same situation for weeks, but this won’t stop us doing our job.

This was an Instagram post from an Italian nurse. Sure, the above will not stop one from doing their job. No job = no food. Yes, it sounds cynical, and I am sure some workers do feel a tingle from being so vitally important right now, but generally.. what bloody choice DO they have but to work until they drop? And for some – to die?

|| I can’t afford the luxury of going back to a house under quarantine.

That’s the gist of it. Very few of us can afford not to be employed. That includes you and I. So let’s not wax lyrical on the heroism part. It is the necessity, not the heroism that makes people get up and go to the front line. In the same way as you could not get out of the front line for fear of being labelled a deserter and then executed in the World War II.

Next. Is applause what the front line workers need? I would be content without applause, but with no 12 hour shifts, with the strong protective gear, tight testing of all directly involved with the infected, with… oh ffs, who gives a shit about applause??

Next. To connect the above point to the next one: being squeezed by your superiors to the breaking point:

|| I was provided one mask; they said that’s all I’m getting,” said a certified nurse anesthetist in Akron, Ohio, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal.

The truth of the situation on the ground versus fear of reprisal and job loss. Now, this one applies to most who are still in work. You gotta do as you are told right now, no matter how deplorable or vomit inducing that might be, because no one is irreplaceable. Got it? And so people will comply, in fear of what might be a potentially ruinous loss of income for months, possibly years, to come. They have no choice really.

And yet.. we have sickly sweet promotion of ‘goodness’ and ‘appreciation’, and footballers delivering food packages to the needy, and CEOs ‘giving up’ most their salaries and all other corresponding bullshit that goes with sugarcoating the stark Reality: you are being screwed. Not by the covid-19, but by the people next to you. That CEO had a bonus of 3 million dollars last year, and even the cheapest premier league footballers get around 70K PER WEEK. They can afford to stay home. You – cannot.

If I exaggerated above, and your Reality is cozy, loving and totally fair – let me know. Let me know where it is happening, and I might join you in that paradise, away from the hypocrisy.

Oh.. and Alicia Keys. What a fabulous worldwide self-promotion and snatching a piece of history in the process. Bravo.


20 thoughts on “Manipulated From Behind Smiling Faces… In COVID-19 Times

  1. I recall hearing of a doctor that got it and they did a blood oxygen transfusion for him to make it. I doubt any other mortal had that luxury. My company would not let us work from home while the board of directors was sipping coffee from their veranda. I wonder what else they have in store for the future.

  2. I’m already seeing stirrings of the govt informant army coalescing. It’s gonna get way uglier, and fast. Medical martial law is the perfect cover story.

    1. I don’t know what is going on in governmental structures and the decision making processes they adopt. It is no doubt messy, full of inconsistencies, last minute changes and politically motivated personal fears.
      On the ground – people become the punch bag for those ‘in charge’ and are unfortunately too scared to not allow this to happen.

      It takes two to tango. People allowed to be punched because they never said ‘no’.

  3. Hi Tano,

    I work as an IT contractor in London. Not only my checks are high (at the moment around £500 per day), but also I have incentive to not work for entire year to pay less taxes – in general in England contractors make more moeny and pay less taxes than perms. Government wanted to change that last month, by shifting responsibility of deciding which tax scheme contract applies for to employers, hence easier target for tax collectors, which would make things more fair from taxes standpoint. Coronavirus postponed that change for next year.

    High savings bank account with possibility of high income gives stupid sense of entitlment and “Money doesn’t make you happy…” + applauding nurses and doctors are just scratches for this itch.

    What is it you do in this case? Go volounteer in the local hospital?

    1. Just like “Dire Straights”…’I should have learned to play the guitar’. Or in this case – the IT.

      I am not sure what you are asking. What to do when one has well provided for themselves and has a financial cushion?

      Do you want to volunteer?

      ‘Yes, I do.’ – Volunteer.
      ‘No, I don’t’. – Don’t volunteer.

      Unless I misunderstood you.

        1. The fact that you have this feeling – places you a few elevations above any Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Industry CEO and his/her minions. I doubt such thoughts visit them at all.

          Did you have to pillage and plunder and walk over metaphorical crushed bones to arrive at your comfortable position?

          1. The thing which comes to mind is how good educational system has treated me.

            I come from Poland, where I was in top 1% when it comes to grades in tech subjects. I sucked at literature. Always encouraged by everyone (including literature teacher) – in contrast to pretty much everyone (including my older sibiling).

            In the IT industry evey once in a while we are reminded, that in most cases the purpose for our work is to fire people. Most of the money flows into projects which automate tasks done previously by humans. First line of automation are IT people themselves. Of course they are not going to be fired, but reassigned since there is demand for that kind of job.

            This is something Andrew Yang focused on in his campaign.

            So leaving everyone crushed a little bit, yes.

          2. “So leaving everyone crushed a little bit, yes.”

            I sucked at maths. There was no tech then.

            Frankly, you cannot blame yourself for the failings of the whole industry. If the industry is in essence taking potential future jobs away it does not bear upon your moral standing as an individual. But did you make PERSONAL decisions as far as your career goes which had adverse effect on those who work next to you? Did they lose their jobs as a result? Was someone demoted and got paid less? Did you competitively push someone out of the market?

            The true Reality is… ANY activity in the field of profit will always result in someone losing in one way or another.This is why strictly speaking the entire field of every human activity is based on a lie.

            What to do? Be a Ramana and refuse to participate? But he did participate. Be ‘Jed’ and write books about the human condition at large? But he still participates in the lie. Go to the mountains and live on your own? That’s the only way to be free from the lie, but they probably won’t let you.

            In fact.. not probably. They will not let you.

          3. “I am greatly influenced by your writings”

            I appreciate the sentiment. Now, walk away and get influenced by own thinking instead.

            That’s the best reward I can anticipate: people taking permanent ownership of their minds.

          4. “But did you make PERSONAL decisions as far as your career goes which had adverse effect on those who work next to you? Did they lose their jobs as a result? Was someone demoted and got paid less? Did you competitively push someone out of the market?”

            Fortunatelly I didn’t do that.

            “Now, walk away and get influenced by own thinking instead.”


  4. You say use your common sense, that´s what i am always asking myself, don´t other people must see the hypocrisy in the people that now clap to medical staff and treat them as selfless heroes. Don´t they reflect themselves thinking such bullshit, that is not the reality. But on the otherside we have to life a lie to survive in this society. Sometimes i wonder whether older high developed societies like the egyptans also had the same world view like us or the same structures like us. They also must have been highly intellecutal. Maybe our higher culture is also coming to an abruptly end in the near future and a new cycle begins.

    Also, what im currently asking myself, isn´t truth something very personnel and in a flowing state, like up-to-date science. We don´t know so many things about the world, the universe, the energies within it and how they interact. What today is true, could be tomorrow gone, like changing realities or new knowledge.

    1. Hi Christoph,

      We don´t know so many things about the world, the universe, the energies within it and how they interact.”

      This is entirely irrelevant to a personal quest for understanding. You are making the same mistake as ‘Jed’ and others make, by lumping together the understanding of the natural world and the perils of the human condition.

      Your questions are for the science to answer. They do not provide any understanding as to what and who a human is AS A SPECIES distinctly different from all others. This is what most people are struggling with, in a nutshell: who the fuck am I?

      Do you think ancient Egyptians did not struggle with that same question? Of course they did, that hasn’t changed. They gave dafter explanations for lack of true information about the natural world. We are much closer for having generated vast deposits of facts and understanding since.

      But they had the same understanding and questioning about the human condition.

    2. isn´t truth something very personnel and in a flowing state”

      Truth is not a theoretical construct. All you have to do is ask yourself “Is this (whatever you are looking at) reflective of Reality or fiction?

      Only these two: Reality or fiction (illusion).

      So some truth will be personal to you, and some truth is universal, applicable to all.

      1. Hey Tano, thanks for your answer,i am just reading some scientific literature about the universe, ancient cultures and the theroies of bicameral mind back then, very interesting. And scientific facts can also be universal and personnal truth.

        I just thought about that every truth about me is just my understanding and capability of seeing it, i can loose or gain it at every moment, like a flowing state. I gain everyday more understanding, so yesterday i had to be a bit dumber. I just don´t understand what differs me from the people that see the “whole” truth of reality.

        1. “I just don´t understand what differs me from the people that see the “whole” truth of reality.”

          The difference is the same as the difference between a five year old mind and a fifteen year old mind: more life experience, an ability to be introspective, an ability to see more than Santa Claus the five year old is dreaming about. The fifteen year old knows it is a baseless tale. The five year old still believes in Santa.

          In all other aspects – there is no difference. Everyone bleeds. Everyone dies. Everyone is vulnerable to life’s twists and turns.

        2. “every truth about me is just my understanding and capability of seeing it, i can loose or gain it at every moment, like a flowing state.”

          About you – yes, it changes as your understanding changes.
          About the universal things – no, it remains permanent, regardless of your understanding of it.

          To compare.. imagine the universal: we all die in the end. True, and applies to everyone, no exception.

          Imagine how YOU will die. Also true, you will die in a certain manner, but the circumstances will be personal to you only.

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