Jed Laments, Or ‘Sometimes It’s Hard To Be A Sigma Male

I try to explain all this to Lisa but, despite my super-awesome communication skills, I still sound like a pathetic whiner.

Jed McKenna

I just read the latest article on Wisefool Press. Penning free articles is not a new development for ‘Jed McKenna’, but rather a return to form. An old form going back decades when he used to entertain his internet audience with random unplanned bursts of Jed opinions, at no cost at all. Then the idea of a book took over, and Ship Enterprise became ‘Wisefool Press’.

The article is titled ‘The Hot Zone’. Erm… Jed’s marketing talents shine through again, ceasing the moment with a vaguely relevant title. Given the current state of affairs I would have thought he’d offer something on medicine, madness, death, corpses.. all that terrible but morbidly fascinating hot stuff that jolts one out of their dreamy fantasy about Reality – into real Reality. Welcome, you dreamer!!! If you are screwed now.. think what it was like during the Black Death, aka bubonic plague that wiped out near two thirds of European population. No job, no medicine, no rescue package, no quarantine so that every family could perish together like brave little troupers.

Would you like to perish together with all your family members, in order not to leave anyone behind?… And ‘no you’ in all of that duality. How’s ‘no you’ working for you right now, folks?

But NO. It was all about Jed and his… hmm…  unresolved issues. A few actually.

|| About a month ago, a storm knocked a tree onto my truck and I spent a very unpleasant period in something like 25% outward, worldly, hylotropic, character-animating mode; living and interacting at the waterline between worlds, dealing with insurance and banks and the body shop and the car rental place, buying and using a disposable phone, finding and buying another truck, being lied to and manipulated from behind smiling faces and friendly voices, dealing with notaries and documents and overnight couriers, and all sorts of tiresome little activities that normal people consider normal.

Sounds a nightmare, compared to COVID-19… And why would Jed need a disposable phone? Is he dealing in drugs or an undercover terrorist leader?


Sadly, I understand the whine. My personal unpleasantness of dealing with humanity revolves around something involving a few countries, the bureaucratic mechanisms beyond anyone’s sanity and thoughtless humans who execute them… and a fair chance of never making it into the country of my birth. That beats the loss of a truck I tell ya.

But hey Jed! I feel your pain! An interesting parallel universe here: around eight years ago I lost the much loved car to a roof hatch door that flew off during the night storm and landed bang on top of it. Not my roof, not my hatch, but the car was a write-off. I still love my purple cum baby blue Coup: Fiat Coupe, a 270 horse power turbo, the poor man’s Ferrari.

I wonder which African country has it in its possession. If you own her now.. her name was Freya. I loved her to bits.

Does the universe deploy this odd way to push ‘enlightened folks’ to upgrade their cars? Jed seems to think it was auspicious timing. I could have said the same about buying a big pack of facial masks a couple of years ago, but I won’t. The universe must have foreseen the upcoming madness and generously provided well in advance, right?

Oh feck off…

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. In the article ‘Jed’ is also looking for reassurances of his good character:

“You’re not an asshole,” says Lisa, “you’re a sigma male.”

“Is that the Jeremiah Johnson thing or the Great Pumpkin thing?”

I was trying to make wine come out her nose but all I get is a smirk.

“Self-sufficient, independent. not caring how you’re perceived; a lone wolf, not running with the pack. You said in one of your books that if you needed anyone else’s respect, you wouldn’t have your own. That’s pure sigma.”

“Well, that’s better than asshole, I guess.”

After a few digs at ‘normal’ humans ‘Jed’ concludes that he is a nice guy. And I conclude that the inner longing for harmonious relationships with others that haunted our Jed when young – never really got obliterated. The irony of the whole Jed books is that the man, by his given nature, cannot live alone and mostly never did, aside from his two years of internal breakdown and coming out the other side as thoroughly disappointed with humanity at large.

I got out of the article one thing: information. Thanks for the info, Jed. I am sure the truck story is true. I can also be sure of finding out which truck you have now instead of that old navy blue. It served you well.

And why is the matter of a truck purchase important? Well, it is important only in the context of this investigation. All in context, remember that very true Jed postulate? While I have no document with the phrase ‘This chap is the true writer of the Jed McKenna books”, signed by ‘Jed’ himself and stamped by the notary… it’s for some time now that ‘Jed’ began to plant the hints like the drag queen plants  kisses. Is he yearning to come out of his self-imposed anonymity?.. I guess working in drag becomes a chore after twenty years. Authenticity, where art thou? Come back, my true self! I wanna live my life in the open!!

Well… let me connect the truck to the name hey… ANY earthly activity always leaves a trail. Always, Jed. You’d have to go completely off the grid in order to become untraceable. Keep that in mind next time when the desire to write about trucks overwhelms you. I could give you a long list of things to avoid should you wish to remain invisible to the world. Buying trucks is certainly a no-no.

Here is something from Starship Gita followed by my alternative ending:


So, we are waging a life-or-death battle for self-determination while secretly wanting to lose and be assimilated. Is that what you’re saying?
Yes, Captain, that does appear to be the case.
Does history provide any examples of those who have resisted such tyranny and  prevailed?
Records are sketchy, Captain, but it appears that among the last surviving advocates of an authentic Nonduality was a shadowy character named Ned McFeely, a self-proclaimed enlightened spiritual master who, by his own admission, did not actually exist.
That sounds promising, Data. Do we have enough historical record to recreate this McFeely character on the Holodeck?
Perhaps, Captain. I can try.



Do we have enough historical record to recreate this McFeely character on the Holodeck?


Captain Picard, Sir! The search party returned to the Holodeck. The records were sketchy, but our missionaries have prevailed. We now have enough historical record to recreate the McFeely character.


There’s no time to lose, Data. Prepare the material for processing! Fire up the holographic synthesizing engine; follow the reverse engineering protocols!


Yes Captain, Sir! The process of the McFeely reconstruction will begin shortly. All hands on Holodeck!!


4 thoughts on “Jed Laments, Or ‘Sometimes It’s Hard To Be A Sigma Male

  1. Further perfection of the art of rhetoric you present here Tano – as does Jed in his new article, which I went to read after reading yours.

    Ignoring the noxious ‘enlightened talk,’ – the digs at ‘normal’ humans – and the marketing objectives that Jed’s article serves; quite rightly as you note, it contains information.

    I didn’t know that there were ‘Sigma’ males or females but now know that there are also Omega and Beta, along with more commonly known Alphas – and less well known Sigmas.

    Thinking about these, I do not know what benefit these terms can give to an individual, other than labels to hide behind and use as justifications for one’s preferences and DNA. Perhaps individual benefit is not the point of these labels…

    Again, setting aside the contexts of your and Jed’s writings – i.e. Jed’s identity and ‘awakening’ respectively – just marvelling at the rhetoric in both – I wonder how Sigma Males and Females with so well-developed flairs in writing could have been put to better uses…in a world filled with Bezos, Trumps and Bidens

    After all, not every folk is an ‘enlightened folk’, and among the latter, not everyone is a writer – and among the latter, not everyone shows such a consistent flair as you – and Jed.

    “Authenticity, where art thou? Come back, my true self! I wanna live my life in the open!!”

    I wonder if these words are also not what you say to yourself – and like Jed – content yourself with being the embodiment of some archetypes – Sigma or whatever – rather than of risking ‘warts and all,’ life in the open.

    Or, perhaps, what I may see as ‘art form,’ in these writings – is possible for you and him – ONLY or largely because of not being ‘in the open’, – a catch 22 – a trap of own making that Sigmas get into.

    Or maybe, we are all assholes – standing on top of other assholes, each thinking that they are standing alone, unsupported and independent of all opinions of others – merely seeking attention; using all the tools of the trade, at our disposals.

    1. I didn’t research further in terms of the collectively understood meaning behind sigma and omega representatives of humanity. One can call me (you, him, her) any of those, but that does not change the essence of who we are: the way I move, fart, breathe, think, choose, perceive.. etc. etc.

      I wonder how Sigma Males and Females with so well-developed flairs in writing could have been put to better uses…”

      They couldn’t. Regardless of Jed having been more or less geographically stationary and me having moved around a bit – both are in retreat. And the reason why… well, let’s imagine that you are completely and totally who you are, No thoughts are hidden from others, no emotion held back.. like if your boss is an asshole – you express it instead of stuffing it into the dark corner of your psyche, right?

      Imagined, Anatta? How far did it get you when you actually WERE that?

      But on the other hand, a compromise was hard to achieve due to the intrinsic nature of an individual. So.. one has an impossibility of:

      1. being who you are
      2. finding a compromise and lying through your teeth

      What is one to do? Retreat all together. I would say I am capable of a partial compromise compared to Jed who said “Fuck you all” and retired from much direct engagement.

      Or maybe, we are all assholes”

      Humm.. em.. that is the kernel of the problem – I am not an asshole. If I were, d’you seriously think I’d be wasting my time on writing to no one in particular at no particular renumeration?

      I’d be hustling you lot for Patreon support.


  2. “I am not an asshole. If I were, d’you seriously think I’d be wasting my time on writing to no one in particular at no particular remuneration?”

    Let’s see if we can turn this into one of those Poll Questions, in one of your posts. Maybe something like:

    Do you seriously think that I’d be an asshole if I stopped wasting my time writing to no one of you in particular at no particular remuneration and instead introduced a system of getting paid from writing to each and anyone of you?

    1. Yes.
    2. No
    3. Maybe

    Well, my answer would be, of course, No.

    I’d instead urge that you introduce a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum membership package with varying degrees of access to the site and you – each with monthly, quarterly, and yearly price tag.

    You already know, T, that – in the context of this website – “for not exploiting your assets to make money, you are a damn fool’ – – rather than an asshole. That does not mean that you are not an asshole – or cannot be an asshole in other contexts, in daily life, at work, in your relationships with family, neighbours, colleagues, friends or strangers. In that sense, I had meant that maybe we are all assholes – in one or another corner of our life…..unless, of course, one is a saint…

    Perhaps the poll question could instead be:

    Do you think that for not monetizing from this website and wasting my time writing to you, I am

    1. Asshole
    2. Damned Fool
    3. Saint


    1. Tempting, right? Especially as I’m about to lose my job, and there is no way of getting out, and getting out where exactly?

      These are many realities that make up one big Reality: one of constant hustle for survival. And right now it would be SO EASY to whip population into submission on every conceivable level.

      Yet..hedge funds made over 2 bn in the past few months on the corona scare. Do you think they would share the fruits of their speculative activities?

      But of course it’s a dream, a DREAM! keep saying our nondual companions.


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