The Female Value: The Bottom Line

I once promised to discuss a few basic truths on the subject of sex relations.

The Lie of a female princess

A spoiler: I might reduce you girls to a pile of pleasure toys, so look away now if you are thin-skinned or are of a feminist bend. And you, the male reader who, upon reading the forgoing, may attempt to put on the White Knight armour.. get off your delusional white horse for once in your life.

In this article are small tidbits that should have been conveyed to girls once they were old enough to start playing family with dolls. But no one did. As my mother said to me some years ago, ‘I couldn’t tell you anything because I myself was ignorant‘. Which more or less illustrates the meaning of the saying ‘The blind leading the blind’ when it comes to parenting. I spent the first couple of decades believing we are all of the same value in this world. Ha!

I myself have a bank full of memories relating to female experiences, starting from around age seven when I was first propositioned for sex by a teenage boy. He must have been around 15, from my estimation. It was an irresistible offer of using the stinky outdoor wooden shacks passing off in those days as public toilets. He wanted to satisfy his teenage curiosity and raging hormones by way of enticing a cute seven year old into one of those palaces of pleasure. Thankfully, no force was applied at that time, which allowed me to decline the offer despite my raging curiosity, and my introduction to sex was postponed, if not by a long shot.

Much took place in between, but play forward some decades, and here is the total sum of sex education for ya ladies… (and gents).

Your female value to this world is determined only by being attached to your pussy.


It makes no difference what kind of brains you have, what sort of social strata you occupy, what education you managed to cram in that brain of yours and who your peers are.. all those only determine the class of male that would gain access to your pussy, and not the fact itself: the pussy access is what drives everything in the world.

Money, power, a sense of self validation and other ego-based tickles are all subservient to this urgent male drive. What do men do first when they come into money and power? They get the girls. Money and power are ways of getting the best pussy a man can get: young, beautiful, plentiful, and for those chaps who like to pretend own intellectual bend – clever, so that one can play better mind games while penetrating her.

One cannot fight this. Mother Nature designed a lazy-proof mechanism that would make sure species don’t go extinct: pleasure seeking desire to fuck. Animals of all species fight bloody and often fatal battles for access. Human males would place whole countries in jeopardy for a chance to insert their penis into the warm embracing confines of the female organ and to have all of five seconds of intense pleasure. Hmm.. Henry VIII.. Mark Anthony.. Edward VIII.. and what about us commoners whose stories are not even told?

I don’t hold this against guys per se. Women have no idea just how urgent and overwhelming this desire is. From my perspective – it’s a curse of male biology, and I feel sorry for men in that way.  You women.. imagine being constantly besieged by feelings of hunger no matter how much you eat, and being forced thus to go looking for food, again and again? Well, that’s what guys face daily.

As a note.. older males reading this, please do not put up a show by saying the desire is not that strong. It is not – NOW. But wander back to your 18 year old self.. how was it then? I was told that sensations generated by own wanking palm do not come close to the sensation of being inside a pussy.

The pussy rules, folks.

What are the consequences of this fact? Plenty. Our entire world is one big consequence.

Women, unlike men, have a limited shelf life

An expiry date depends on the culture, but generally men prefer gals before the age 30 when it comes to pure sexual act. In some cultures, such as in SE Asia 30 is considered old. Once you’ve reached the perceived expiry date – you more or less cease to exist in any capacity other than professional or if you managed to build a family around your man’s desire. Family needs and survival instincts will then keep the two together.

Often these family unions break up, and…

The reasons for separation are beyond this article, but what follows is: the man will find himself a young replacement. The more money or status he has – the younger the girl will be. They all did it: celebrities and financial moguls, presidents and crime overlords, movie stars and.. ordinary folks. The women who were left behind – will most likely remain single, unless the breakup happened when she was still young enough. They will remain alone because well.. the expiry date, remember?

 As an old female your value is zero

Be prepared for this. Your opinions and thoughts will be called a crazy old bat’s at worst, and eccentric at best. You will become invisible both physically and professionally. In some rare cases where you have earned substantial professional capital you would have to become quite ruthless in order to maintain it, most like your male counterparts. Gone will be the days of demure femininity that used to secure you positions. You’d have to become a total old bitch in order to be considered seriously.

The world is full of old single females

But a guy will pick up the next young body quite easily. And if he does not have the means – he would travel to lands where his modest status is still considered somewhat of an advancement by impoverished young women. The world’s division on poverty lines plays in favour of such a man. He will never go without. Girls will spread their legs to guys three times their age, for their choices are few. Both parties would be aware of the barter deal, but who cares? She is nineteen for fuck’s sake. Let’s fuck!

What’s love got to do with it..

I wonder what the statistics are on male and female singletons after a certain age.

Physically attractive women have a much better chance of playing at Life

Life is not as forgiving towards ugly women. Ugly women have to work at everything three times as hard: grades, job interviews, chat-up lines, be better in the sack.. they have to be exceptionally smart in order to secure half of what an attractive woman can have. Why? Well, they (their pussies) are not as desirable, and few men are queuing to provide for them in order to fuck them. Ugly women do not get jobs in any front positions and are kept at the back of the warehouse.

Girls, you can protest the above all you like, but this is the bottom line: you are FIRST AND FOREMOST a pleasure tool. To check this theory see if a man sticks around if you never oblige. Would he choose to love your beautiful mind and take care of it when you never ride his cock?

The mind can tell both males and females pretty tales about being ‘in love’ with the person’s character, their cleverness, fortitude, kindness, humour, creativity and so on.. and all these matter for the longevity of the partnership, but remove the pussy – and it won’t last long. And it would be better to consciously acknowledge this fact rather than to keep lying to self.

30 thoughts on “The Female Value: The Bottom Line

  1. Oooh.. no one would touch the subject of sex with a barge pole.. unless it is the sweet dreams version.

    That’s why Jed omitted it completely from his tales. It would destroy him as a writer on ‘spirituality’.

    1. I think it´s just what red pillers are saying, but more on the female side of the coin. One could say that some ideas and radical thoughts of redpill are false, but at the core there are some hard and shattering truths for both sexes not many want to face directly. so smooth in “ponyhof” :D.

      1. Red pillers say a lot, some true, some just pure fantasy. They are mostly young guys with little experience of women.

        Males and females need each other for one purpose: procreation. The rest is optional.

        1. Maybe, there are a lot of young guys with little experience. I don´t want to defend them, but i don´t want to lump them together either, like most do it. The truth lies often in the middle and so do i judge them. In the deep trenches of shit are some intelligent people with much life experiences and experienced with women, you just have to search. And also some diamonds of truth.

          1. Any ideology has the ability to radicalize. They cloud the mind.

            I simply prefer to stay away from any organized thought and movement. One needs a distance in order to see things with a degree of objective thought.

    2. Yeah, I actually wrote to wisefoolpress way back when, I think it was maybe 2004, asking ‘Jed’, “Dude, where’s your take on women, relationships, sex and all that? Didja literally fuck up while doing the guru gig in Iowa, and you’re tryin’ to hide it? You seem to talk pretty well about every other thing under the sun re: enlightenment… where’s the sex?”
      Needless to say, never heard nothin’.

      1. Did you?

        Since a gig in Iowa is in the realm of imagination.. I don’t think he fucked up in that way (i.e. having illicit sex with his followers). Hmm.. I just visualised that.. nope, Jed is very much a relationship-orientated dude.

        Sad, because many who read him – end up destroying their relationships.

        1. Yeah, 2003-4 was the most intense period of my own deconstruction. The process ceased in March 2004. Came across Damnedest right after that, and it was very helpful exactly at that time. Am grateful to JMcK for that.
          But the lack of mention of sex, relationships and whatnot was glaring, so I said wft to myself and wrote a note to wisefool.
          So if Jed is a relationship-oriented guy, why not mention that somewhere in the books? The whole arena of sex and relationships is obviously super-charged for everyone, so to leave out any mention of it cannot be a simple oversight… it was done on purpose.
          And then, soon after Damnedest, for him to comment something to the effect, “Damnedest is thorough, complete; I’ve covered all the bases. That’s the only book I needed to write.” It’s disingenuous. He’s no fool, or wisefool. He just didn’t want to touch the third rail… which doesn’t square with the awakening process that questions all these things.

          1. There is much he did not pay attention to. He did not tell the world how one negotiates the demands of material survival in the world: money, jobs, deceitful business partners and psychopathic bosses, back-stabbing colleagues and worn-out factory slaves, struggles with earning enough to live on, and struggle with holding on to what had already been earned.

            Then come things like illnesses, some debilitating and life sapping chronic shitty illnesses where a person had been dealt a terrible deal… but who cares? Those do not exist in Jediverse either. It’s all good, right?

            The Wisefool omitted it all.

  2. Disturbing for me to read but damn it’s on point. More please, breaking the bullshit down one piece at a time.

  3. What’s your take on the female part. Do they beautify themselves and I am assuming trying to get the richest dick around? Why for offspring?

    1. It is a complex issue, Panos.

      Women looked for protection and security way back. They had to, because if there was no ONE male to offer protection – they’d be passed around like a rag doll. Remember that rape is a normal occurrence in the animal kingdom: any unattached females will be subject to unwanted advances and often have to fight off the suitors.

      That includes birds! Lions! Dolphins! Even female cockroaches!!

      Of course human society has changed in the course of the advancement of civilization. The animal paradigm gave way to the idea of mutual consent, mostly in order to provide proper heirs to any accumulated wealth. Prior to that – there was nothing to pass on, so who cared whom got to fuck with whom. Kids were of great value (since we died off like flies), so the more the merrier.

      An interesting thing is… what was once a survival necessity in terms of looking for one strong partner – is again not as important in the tech society. Even the paternity issue is not as much of an issue anymore with DNA testing.

      But the last few thousand years haven’t changed the basic nature of the male/female ties. It is a blink of an eye in terms of evolution. Human physiology remains the same and human psychology hasn’t had time to catch up (and I don’t think it can, unless we are talking millions of years).

      So women WILL look for the best possible match that allows them and their offspring to thrive, and the sad part is they don’t realise what drives them – the blind instinct for security, evolved in the course of human development. This instinct has now become totally redundant. And if she gets crazy because he is looking at other women.. it is an obsolete sense of insecurity; after all she is not gonna get claimed by the next guy, and there are plenty of choices for women now not to depend on a man.

      Same for guys. If one gets crazy because he suspects his woman cheated on him.. it is the ancient call to secure the fact of not bringing up someone else’s kids unknowingly. We do have the tech, and who the hell cares. A dick dipped in another pussy is still a dick, and is still attached to the same body/mind.

      Same for the pussy issues. Just keep both clean in terms of STDs.

      Obsolete emotions driven by obsolete hormone surges driven by obsolete instincts.

  4. i thought this one is for females only since you posted it on march 8.
    is this a thing around the world, the 8 of march, woman’s day? i thought it was a thing only in the ussr influenced countries. i asked once an american lady about this celebration and she knew nothing about it, and she thought it was a stupid idea – even though that’s where it started, in the usa.
    the red curtain is gone but this thing is still going on – how could a man say no to praising his women…

    “the warm embracing confines of the female organ” – that’s how a woman would describe it – for ‘real men’ is more about penetrating and less about having their penis embraced.

    “The pussy rules, folks.” but only if it is nicely wrapped in a sexy body – sexy as defined by the standards of the time. it’s about the whole package, hell, there was a time when i was casting away the cases of rebellious arousal by thinking of the anatomy of a vagina and all the female sicknesses related to it.

    once i had to spend some time in an office in a ministry, there were many good looking secretaries and a few not so good looking secretaries – only the few ones were working while the good looking ones were just chatting all the time.

    i don’t believe hormones play such a definitive role. as a boy around 6 years old i was fantasizing about being kept in the the bra of a giant woman after watching an old sf movie “planet of the giants.” what big rush of sex hormones i could have at that age? it’s more a ‘cultural’ thing.

    that hindu photo with the pornographic statues, they say that the temple was decorated like that so that people would remember to have sex [and procreate].

    1. I didn’t think of the date when I posted this.

      “for ‘real men’ is more about penetrating and less about having their penis embraced.”

      We have a language problem again. Embrace here means a tight pussy. The comfortable tightness that ensures the most contact and the right amount of friction.

      “The pussy rules, folks.” but only if it is nicely wrapped in a sexy body – sexy as defined by the standards of the time.”

      When you and the last woman on planet earth are stuck together in the post apocalyptic scenario.. you wouldn’t care about the sexy body. You’d want that pussy.

      “i don’t believe hormones play such a definitive role. as a boy around 6 years old i was fantasizing about being kept in the the bra of a giant woman [….] what big rush of sex hormones i could have at that age?”

      I don’t know what this comment relates to as I was not discussing prepubescent children.

      The temple and a reminder to fuck huh.. an interesting theory. Doesn’t sound probable to me. Do you ‘forget’ your desire to fuck? Do you forget it often that you need a reminder??

      It’s an ancient form of porn, that’s all. Humans haven’t changed much.

      1. “Embrace here means a tight pussy.”
        no language problem. i was thinking that one of the manly drives is to penetrate that being… without which the targets multiply exponentially.
        this tightness thing makes me smile. i won’t go into my personal opinion on the vaginal efficacy but i remember a girlfriend of the past: she came from the gynecologist really pissed off: “the doctor was so mean to me, she even asked me how many childbirths i had…!” LOL

        “When you and the last woman… post apocalyptic scenario.. You’d want that pussy.”
        in a post apocalyptic situation i think i’d be too dismayed to even bother.

        “I was not discussing prepubescent children.”
        it was to show that sexual behavior is more related to learning than hormones.

        “Do you ‘forget’ your desire to fuck?”
        i don’t have forget it when i’m not reminded.
        ancient form of porn [industry], sure, if they attracted more people to the temple and getting more ‘donations’… i suppose it also did the job of having the congregation copulate more…
        because i imagine life was pretty hard back then, hard, dirty, and very smelly, and the kingdom needed more workers.

        to me porn is a development of the race survival mechanism, a learning tool, a drug, and a source of income

  5. Tano – Your previous post about Creepy Joe Biden is prescient! Now here we are in the USA, having to deal with 2 overt sexual predators, one who is president and one who wants to be. Presidential standards continue to degenerate. General standards of public behaviour continue spiraling down the toilet.
    Soon enough we’ll have life-like robots that will be used for everyone’s extreme sexual fantasies… no limits whatsoever. After sufficient abuse, the robot can simply be trashed and another one bought. New and improve version, of course.
    What’s gonna be the result of that after a generation or two? Or even just a few years?

    1. Biden will most likely become the president. He fits the general surface expectations of what the US president should be like. The electability criteria in people’s minds never includes the question of personal propriety, in the same way as those people who read and admire Jed books – do not really give a shit about his personal moral standards. As long as things promised by another human being – excite and deliver hope.

      But it won’t be Joe Biden who will topple Donald Trump. It will be the corona virus that will topple Mr. Trump.

      “What’s gonna be the result of that after a generation or two?”

      The result of sex with robots (and I’m sure it will become the norm soon enough)?
      Ah.. in two words: dehumanization and detachment.

  6. How do you view Richard Rose’s attitude towards sex? From what I’ve read he had 2 wives, second seemed much younger than him so claims in your article still apply – my own experience of course validates these claims as well, but I am still refering to Richard Rose a lot in my thoughts.

    He spoke a lot about celibacy and focused a lot on sex subject during his talks. I remember “The Pregnant Witch” article by him, where he described how strong sexual urge can be – described how he counsciously resisted sexual bait from the women who was portraied as a witch (in the title). Not sure if you’ve read it.

    Also it seems obvious to me that the sex dynamic you are describing is the primary reason for feminist movement. Do you think it’s going to change before 2050 a lot? What I mean is men going away from authoritarian roles they playing towards women, towards more equal. This seems to be already happening, right?

    I have primary idea which I’m following for almost a decade in different shapes and forms and that is… effective system of organization of mankind. It will be hard to describe it, since I don’t have an actual design/spec and it’s hard to describe something just by packaging (aka pitch) and not actual demo. The point here is that I see how sexual urge is one of the forces which keeps me in it, but I don’t think it’s the only one. We have to do something in life, don’t we?

    1. PS. I remember how I interpreted Jed first time I spontaneously discovered his true identity, thanks to your writings.

      This is part of my comment on “The Search is Over” article.

      “Increadible guy, no wonder people around are not sharing his nickname. I think it’s mostly because you cannot write about solitude while having family around – people wouldn’t bite the bullet. It is quite a shock to me, because it seems he lives what he speaks and how good he looks. He is zenning it out!”

      Now I see what I ment – “Look, look, he got sex!”

    2. “How do you view Richard Rose’s attitude towards sex?”

      I don’t see that he had a particular view. He advised (even insisted that) his young disciple students maintain celibacy, as a testing ground for how much self control and power over themselves the guys had.

      A pretty useless activity if you ask me. It is the same as struggling against one’s desire for water when one is extremely thirsty. Eventually one has to drink anyway.

      Rose himself remained celibate for a few years in his twenties (don’t know if ‘celibate’ means no wanking). That didn’t stop him from marrying twice, and yes, to a much younger woman the second time around.

      He lived, fucked, procreated, blah blah, just like billions do.

      I read that article. He truly was..hmm.. unfair. The way he described the whole thing was creepy; HE was creepy by effectively placing the blame for his temptations on a somewhat mentally unstable woman, who was also much younger.

      I hated the story and the way he spoke about it. It was inhumane. I also hated how he subtly painted self in the right moral light, even a saviour.

      “Do you think it’s going to change before 2050 a lot? What I mean is men going away from authoritarian roles they playing towards women, towards more equal. This seems to be already happening, right?”

      No. It SEEMS to be happening. But the result of pushing men to effectively control what is hard to control is also pushing them underground, into the Red Pill and Incel movements.

      This particular tug of war will remain forever, it has ALWAYS been. Modern culture seems to mask the biological and historic continuity of the conflict, but women were always prized, and were always not easily obtained. While the Khan could have a harem, his lesser males had to go without or be content with one.

      Debutante balls were the means of advertising the available pussy in the so called high society of the West. Lesser mortals just fucked and produced the offspring in random ways.

      “The point here is that I see how sexual urge is one of the forces which keeps me in it, but I don’t think it’s the only one.”

      Sure. There are other drives humans have. BUT. Water, food, shelter, sex.

      All the rest come after.

      1. Hey Tano what do you think of the concept of channeling sexual energy into creative and productive outlets and goals instead of waking and having sex all the time? It’s such a powerful urge in us that the concept of channeling it into a productive outlet is very alluring. Do you think this is possible or just self help BS? Like trying to cheat our biology and evolution.

        It seems when I refrain from wanking and viewing sexually stimulating material online for even just a week I find I am more motivated, productive and focused. Though I guess it could just be placebo.

        1. Hey Dan,

          I was celibate for ~8 months last year. No sex, so jacking off (although about 3 months in temptation got the better of me and I jacked off once, but didn’t cum).

          The first two weeks, I felt like a drawn bow. I was focused, determined, less anxious, etc. Eventually, it just felt normal. And I don’t mean I got used to being a more focused person — I just felt normal. Like how I’d felt before I stopped sexual activity.

          Felt no different after jacking off to celebrate the end.

          Looking back, it’s a good way to test control but doesn’t confer any of the special benefits the NoFap crowd — contemporary or ancient — claims it does. Placebo might play a role in the first few weeks (or at least, it did for me, when I tried to be celibate before, usually would last a few days to 2 weeks at most), but a month or two in, any extra effects vanish.

          The only lasting difference in my case is that you can get it hard at the drop of a hat. Seriously, women become 10x more attractive. Quitting porn may also have to do with that, and I recommend you do it. I’m currently doing so myself, after overindulging the past few months.

          Anyway, that’s just my experience, and I recommend you try it as well. Go a month, or 3, and then reevaluate. Men across millennia have sworn by celibacy (and many demonized it too). So you might get something out of it. But nothing better than trying it out yourself.

          1. Also, the root of the self help stuff behind this — whether it is to be more focused, or creative, or aggressive — is to try and maintain a constant positive state. And that just isn’t going to happen. Meditation, celibacy, exercise, gratitude, journaling, reflection — all used by both the spiritual and the nonspiritual crowd to get to a ‘higher’ state, so to speak. Unfortunately, all higher states are transient, and you return to ground zero. That doesn’t mean there’s no use to them. There certainly is. Kinda like taking pre-workout before hitting the weights. But imbuing these states with magical and mystical properties is where I think people go wrong.

            Anyway, give it a shot and see how it goes. It certainly won’t kill ya 😉

          2. Thank you, Philo. The real perspective is always appreciated.

            You see.. this is the kind of stuff women know nothing about, and are completely unable to empathise with. And they should. This should be taught and discussed at schools as the first line of sex education. Males and females should attempt to understand and see clearly the differences and appreciate those.

  7. Hi Dan,

    Remember that I’m not a man, and so the urgency of desire is not my experience. If I feel it – I just do it (DIY it) and move on to other activities, in the same way I would drink a glass of water and move on.

    But here is some common sense…

    If you are doing something – then your attention is directed there. If one is feeling own boner – it is all they are focused on, and so cannot do anything else.

    Hence, if you direct attention to other things – naturally it will divert them away from thoughts about sex, but only for some time. Being horny is being horny: it has to get a relief. Just like hunger.

    So is it really channelling?

  8. sent what you wrote to my ex, she replied: too essentialistic. I don’t know, but for example: me at a nice thai beach, the sea, the breeze, I walk around, 20 km per average daily. more than all of the people I know . here in berlin: maybe 1 km, almost no movement. so the warmth, the climate, the sand under my feet, all of it makes the difference. it is not about moving (analogous to pussy), it is about moving in a certain surrounding. but when all these circumstances are right, then you can have the thought (like an epiphany): it is all about movement. so: pussy can be overwhelming, and without pussy everything is nothing. but the real excitement is pussy embedded in an attractive surrounding, can be the whole physique, the way you walk and talk, what a perverted slut you are, how smart you are, a lot of pussibilities. and for me the word pussy is like the word gin. I am not into gin, only gin tonic. same with pussy, only makes sense to my fingers as wet pussy.
    essence vs. embellishment, I think rosalyn tureck has some interesting thoughts on that:

    1. Kris, you can embelish it any way you like; that’s the excitement of the fantasy your mind (and anyone’s mind) creates. Plus the resultant sense of anticipation.

      Sure. A billion stories around the fact that pussy is essential to your sense of welbeing. Your ex is only partially correct: essential, but not ‘too essentialistic’.

      I am talking about the bottom line. You are talking about the stories around what has the potential to excite you, the stories AROUND the bottom line.

      But excite you for… what? Still a pussy.

      I do understand there is potentially a lot of internal resistance to what I’m saying, as romanticism has always been considered somewhat noble. No one wants to part with the sweetness and the anticipated connection even if brief.
      But. Romanticism is physical desire moved into the realm of heady imagination.

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