Jed Talks 3: C’est Moi, The Dipshit Of The Universe

The infinite universe is just a belief. Your awareness is your only direct experience of reality and, like Zaphod, you would be correct in considering yourself to be the center of your own private universe.

Jed Talks 3

I don’t know who Zaphod is, but he (she? it?) sounds much like inhabiting one of my life bubbles carefully constructed in order to survive into twilight years.

Someone asked me recently if it is true that I have never read any of Jed books cover to cover.

Yes, it is true. The very first book (or its half, to be exact) was enough. Every time I attempted to read Jed books since.. they gave me simultaneously a happy agreement at some passages and a state of irritation at others. This can happen literally in the space of one or two paragraphs, that’s how easily his mind wanders from solid, crusty bacon truths to the spiritually enhanced flab of mind liposuction.

I guess this is the reason I am commenting on Jed: I am not indifferent to what he writes. What he gets right is the most right expression there is. What he gets wrong is the most lie there is. This headstrong mix of Jed perceptions lies on the scale from 0 (total bullshit) to 10 (absolute truth), and I am yet to figure out why and how he is able to hold both truthful and faulty perceptions simultaneously.

What gives? Why does the mind as capable of Clarity as his – falters and splatters and gets lost in the murky waters of mental imaging, logical fallacies and speculative imagination?

Look at the first statement; this is the kind of sentence spiritual hacks LOVE to run away with. It offers an endless masturbation potential: what’s awareness? What can be considered ‘direct experience’? What is experience? How to define ‘direct’? Is my direct experience – more direct than yours?  Who said the universe is infinite? Where’s the proof?

………….. To No belief is true. Consciousness is All. The jeddism axioms that have entered the Collective Consciousness and linger there, in minds both young and old, although the older minds begin to face the fact of own perishability and so become not that much concerned with the axioms, but, rather, with own flailing physicality.

Blah ad vomitum of abstract statements about Reality. But Reality is never abstract. As Marichelle said (paraphrasing here)… it is the knitted jumper that will keep you warm, not the satsang. She can teach you to knit, she cannot teach you life. Bravo! Absolutely. The Mind is abstract in its ability to dissect life phenomena. Reality laughs at this. In one swell swoop it can reduce you and your abstractions to nothing.

*mutters to self* Men could learn a thing or two  about Reality from their females instead of thinking their way to the grave.

But Jed is not Marichelle. He sticks to his guns: “Your awareness is your only direct experience of reality”. Uh, yes. But this does not negate the existence of the universe. If I were to take this statement to Jed’s zero scale end, it would mean that…New_York_1 

I have not been to New York = had no direct experience of it = New York does not exist. Like.. does not at all. And neither do bagels, cupcakes and Jed Bruh.

I have never seen a real alive lion = no direct experience = no lion exists. No need to be alert while strolling through the Okavango swamps. That lion in the bush is a figment of my imagination, an APPEARANCE (note to self: send the medical bill to Jed Bruh).

I’ve never used an iphone = no direct experience = there is no such thing as an iphone. There is no Apple, the Silicon valley, no computers, TV sitcoms and… HANG ON A MINUTE!! No computers?! What about the simulation theory then? Where we’re nothing but a simulation in someone’s computer?

Even Jed says so, you dipshit! Dipshit

Then of course we have to wonder who simulated the computer in which we are all a simulation. Turtles all the way down, like the (non)existence of God.

Gosh, human minds are scary, in the turtle soup kind of way.

All these are appearances, according to Jed…  have no real existence. How he makes the leap from awareness/appearance combo to non-existence of the world – is covered in those foggy clouds of ‘who-the-fuck-knows-but-let’s-speculate’. And speculate they do, and did for close to five millennia since the human mind got enough free time to contemplate itself. Damn you the onset of agriculture!

Well, let’s take it further. Most people have never had a meeting with themselves. In other words, they don’t know themselves. They are not aware of who they are. Have no awareness. Have no direct experience? Have no self? Do not exist? Logically, makes sense, right?

Not so fast, dipshit.

Logic only arrives at true conclusions when it starts with the true premise. When the premise is incorrect – the entire logical structure crumbles in seconds. For instance, Daisy

1. All girls like flowers.

2. Anna is a girl.

3. Therefore, Anna likes flowers.

The third proposition solidly follows from the first two. Except Anna hates flowers, because not all girls like flowers. A logically solid third conclusion that is factually wrong.

From my perspective.. all of the above is bullshit, including my own arguments. I am pretty sure Jed would say the same about his own bullshit generator. It is bullshit because it is the by-product of the mind ruminations, in the same way as..   hmm.. shit is the by-product of the digestive process.

Jed tries too hard to give a rational basis to his personal perceptive states, to give them a meaningful explanation when in reality – he is talking to himself.


Only to himself. While many may be listening – very few are getting it, and no one is getting it in exactly the same way as Jed is getting it, or as he intended you to get it.

Why so?

As I mentioned before there are no mind doppelgangers in the world. No one will ever have perceptions identical to yours. It is correct that everyone is considering themselves their own private universe, yes. Here we agree.. my recent article about the bubbles we create and inhabit – is partially about that. And it is exactly why Jed perceptions will remain Jed perceptions only, and why you need to take care of your own perceptions, or in other words.. go and do your own bloody thinking, you dipshit.

I stop short of denying the existence of life. If you think really carefully.. the non-existence of you, of the universe, of the (fill the blanks here) would mean only one thing – no life. And that is simply untrue, no matter how logically convincing the argument is.

BUT. You surely could convince me that we live in a computer simulation.. just give me a few shots of whatever Jed is on. It is scary how much our wishes, desires, even convictions and beliefs can be so easily controlled by the right combination of drugs OR the right combination of convincing words, someone else’s words.

One more point on the twisted nature of the argument is the sneaky comparisons of apples and pears. It started in the first book, with comparing humans and dogs, i.e dogs could be perfect humans. Now we have arrived at an apple tree which, Jed says, “expresses its own unique pattern without volition”.. OK, it does, and? How can the experience of a tree be transferred to an experience of a human when they are so unlike?? We may share the same atoms and, at a basic level, the same RNA, but the tree has no consciousness in the same way a human has. How about we bring the level of absurdity to its lowest level and compare humans to rocks? Rocks surely have no volition, so why do we stupid humans – have volition and even (gulp!) can walk, unlike rocks?

Why not become – A ROCK? Maybe we ARE rocks?

Jed never compares likes with likes and this makes it an argument of a five year old. I once explained the reasons for the start of the Second World War in a similar fashion: by comparing land to sacks of potatoes that were so desired by the Nazis.  Simplified in the mind of a six year old, haha. Sorry.

The above is why I often feel irritated by the books and am unable to finish reading them. The leaps, hoops and jumps of Jed thought process can leave one flabbergasted and speechless, and since I am reading those from ‘the other side’ so to speak… this reduced my reading attempts to being only practical in nature.. research and all that. And Jed does not disappoint in that area. With every new book he literally confirms my private findings.

Of course Jed can always put up a ‘rock solid’ argument against the above in the form of.. ‘she doesn’t get it’. Talking TV meerkat Aleksandr Orlov's new autobiography, Britain  - Oct 2010|| Anyone who does not see things the way I see – does not get it. I refute it thus

(can’t remember who said this).


Ahh.. us humans. I marvel at this consistency of upholding own beliefs (mine included) and rejecting any that do not mirror our own. Beautiful. Remember.. nearly eight billion private universes, according to that Jed quote. Eight billion bubbles, which Jed is only one of.

Levels of Clarity also depend on levels of an individual’s sanity and levels of personal honesty. Eat that shit, the fictitious Jed dog that never seems to age.

Note: The word ‘dipshit’ is borrowed from Jed, as deployed in the book. I claim no copyright 😉

3 thoughts on “Jed Talks 3: C’est Moi, The Dipshit Of The Universe

  1. Seems to me the Advaita Vedanta non-duality stuff is fine, and sometimes even helpful and supportive, when one is going through intense demolition of their Beliefs Structures (BS). Once that’s done, drop the non-duality stuff; it’s no longer relevant for daily, earthly life.

    1. When I was demolishing BS I honestly didn’t know what vedanta or non dualism were (and not quite sure now). Hence, this point of usefulness is not my experience.

      Maybe, someone found them useful. I see them as a diversion: a nicely laid out trap. Not only do they trap one, but they also scafold the notion of enlightenment and all the corresponding nonsense notions: Oneness, Cosmic Consciousness, Not-one and god knows what else.

      In short.. just another livery of universal deceit. Not fine. Not needed.

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