Why Not Reveal Jed McKenna Identity?

Which one of those little boats floating on the surface of the planet is ‘Jed McKenna’?

“why do you keep his name private?”

This was the question from Petorikoru

The answer is not a straight forward one-sentence reply. I am not trying to tease anyone here in order to elicit attention: that would be a rather dirty trick, and I would publish and rant here regardless of whoever is listening.

There are a few reasons, all of which were mentioned before.

1. I don’t have 100% rock solid proof.

I have gigabytes of solid circumstantial evidence covering the span of 60 years (well, that includes the family as well), but there are a few loose ends that need to be tied. I am not satisfied until that’s done.

I was told by someone who figured out and met the real guy in physical life that 100% proof does not exist. So… I could have done the same – just knock on the person’s door and see what happens. But despite past accusations of stalking (Kenneth McMordie, which I never did) – I find knocking on doors off putting, especially since I have no desire of meeting the guy.

If I were in the States – the confirmation would have been made much faster; some research needs physical presence. I know where to look, but I am not in the country.

I made a mistake once with Ken and don’t want to repeat it. Therefore, it would be sensible to be absolutely sure in the correctness of my conclusions before making any announcements.


2. Some people who are looking for ‘Jed’ – are off the rocker.

Yes, I am sorry to say that. There are many mentally confused people out there, and some of them have read Jed’s books.

Imagine the result of such a combo: unstable, childlike mind meets the books’ content. For someone with a mature outlook and years of life experience the Jed McKenna books do not represent an earth-shaking revelation.  But for the naturally naive and the eager, bitten by the spiritual bug and looking, not able to use own thinking processes constructively… the books may mean a total meltdown.

I had some correspondence, aggressive and demanding to know; they are looking, and it made sense to protect ‘Jed’ from potentially explosive situations. These situations could take place if people knew the name and began to make attempts to meet face to face.


3. The Jed McKenna project is a small enterprise of a few individuals all of whom depend on the continuation of the project.

If your stable existence depends on someone (‘Jed’ in this case) – you will not out him, in line with the saying “One does not bite the hand that feeds them”.

Secondly, even those who directly contribute/contributed in the past to the project by way of artwork, editing and website maintenance – were not given the name. They were contracted to do a job. They did it and got paid. No need for name disclosure to them. The enterprise runs as a business, not as ‘spiritual love affair’. The number of people who know with absolute certainty – can be counted on one hand. It is too small to produce any whistle blowers.

Wisefool Press is not a publishing house; it is one individual’s drive to publish own writings. Nothing else. It does not exist as a company, and no company registration laws apply. ‘Jed’ made one mistake in the beginning: copyrighting the first Trilogy, which was a useless move in view of anonymity. He then made a few more, small but significant in terms of identity search search mistakes. Or, rather, I wouldn’t call those ‘mistakes’. They are the necessities of physical living in this world; no one is free from the realities of human herd survival unless you retire to an uninhabited island and live like a beast.

To sum up…. Revealing the author’s identity has certain implications that need to be considered at length, and I am considering all angles.

There is a real physical cost and consequences to those who got connected to the books in real life. The more time passes – the more hassle they are beginning to experience as a result of the secrecy around the author’s identity.

The more secrecy – the more attempts to unveil. These attempts will continue until the mystery IS unveiled, no matter who removes the curtain.

The EM website threw hot embers into the kindle that had been slowly smoldering for 15 years, with names given and information shared. People then went and began to dig further using this information as starting points. The search came out of the underground and became more public.

In reality I wanted collaboration where interested folks contribute to the bank of information, and together it would become clearer and true to factual reality. Together we could have confirmed it all by now. I stated that much in the first incarnation of the website.

Instead, people came in, attacked, and very few were adult enough to make constructive points and to add something of value. So I wrapped it up, closed off some entries and continued on my own, to avert the shitstorm.

I wrote to the author; the contents of the letter will be published, but in brief: his silence on the matter of SE Asia Jed McKenna fraud is dishonorable. You need to really imagine yourself in his shoes and think.. would YOU allow hundreds and hundreds of people pay in the false belief that they are paying the real author – you?

Really imagine that and see what YOUR personal conscience tells you, but it is clear that ‘Jed’ himself is perfectly comfortable with the scam.

Note: I haven’t forgotten those who contributed and were level-headed. They will be the ones with whom I would share all I came to know when the time comes.

Note: The EM website will go offline for some weeks in the New Year. This is so that I could play around with the settings and make changes.

24 thoughts on “Why Not Reveal Jed McKenna Identity?

  1. Hola Tano – Regardless of whatever personal reason(s) drive your JMcK endeavour, thanks for the outing of scammers, unethical activities and other BS associated with the whole thing.
    The cleaner and more accountable is the realm of the leaders of spirituality, the more that students of it will expect high ethics of their teachers/leaders… and vice-versa.
    All good.

    1. Well, I am not as optimistic as you are, Robert.

      “The cleaner and more accountable is the realm of the leaders of spirituality”

      What realm is the realm of spirituality, and who are those leaders?

      Can you not see that this in itself is a great misdirection? I only know of one realm – the realm of Reality, the one that’s staring us all in the face, but it is not often as pretty and serene as we would like, right?

      So off we all go.. to other ‘realms’.

      There is no spirituality realm except the invented notion that there is. So there are no spiritual leaders, and if one wants to lead – I am definitely not following.

      I know the linked website perhaps has some good intentions, but in reality it is advertising for private businesses in counseling, therapy and other ‘alternative’ offerings, some of which make me shudder.

      ffs… ’embodiment as one heart’….
      ‘spiritual director’….
      ‘aura reading therapist’…
      ‘soul wisdom therapy’…
      ‘chief visionary instigator’…

      some fucking titles people give themselves huh..

      I am way past these group huggin’ business peddling opportunists, no matter how good they believe their own intentions to be.

      That’s another sad truth: humans are only good urns if it costs them nothing. The minute one’s well-being is compromised in some way, they turn and run, and your welfare means nought.

      And if you involve MONEY.. let’s say an inheritance or a competing firm or even one’s career prospects… see how ‘ethic’ the behaviour turns out to be.

      Sorry, I’m way too cynical now to believe in such good intent. Not that it never happens, but usually those occurrences of heroism are spontaneous and unplanned. In contrast, squabbles are very deliberate and have earthly reasons. You mentioned it yourself in relation to relationships.

      Once the dynamics are seen – it isolates one from the groups and activities where bullshit is the main currency.

      Both a curse and a blessing I would say. One can of course blend back in. Jed did, to a point, because he chose spirituality (which he himself says is fake) as his means of earning a living. So he had to at least sell some brown… toffee, while pretending to be the opposition guy.

      “whatever personal reason(s) drive your JMcK endeavour”

      None, Robert, except I don’t like deceit and mysteries, and took an interest. I have no personal connection to either boy and hope to never have.

      It’s like journalists in the investigative field.. they take an interest. Who knows why someone takes an interest in this particular story and not another one. Who knows why people tend to bees (Sassafras, hope you are well) or climb the Everest or murder young virgins.

      It is intrinsic, the DNA expression that pushes people to manifest it a certain way.

      1. Maybe “arena” or “circus” are better terms than realm?

        I suppose I am involved in this ‘business’ for two main reasons; 1) I went through what I went through, learned a thing or two about the process that unfolded, and hope that passing my experiences on to others may help a few navigate it better and easier; and 2) It gives me great joy when I’m able to help someone see, learn and understand that a false belief they’ve taken on is blocking their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing or advance.

        It has been the same case for myself and dealing with others for the many years I immersed myself professionally in the personal health care arena, as well as lay pursuits in the personal liberty and sovereignty arena. I found that the experiences and lessons learned in those arenas likewise applied nicely to my own spiritual pursuits. For me, the processes and patterns all lined up. The same overarching process of discovery, challenge and elimination of BS applies across the board – health care, personal power/sovereignty and spirituality. Actually, I see no need to separate any of them (it’s just Life), but I do cuz everyone else does… and it’s much easier that way.

        In any case, regardless of how you or I may negate it or justify it, multi-millions of people ‘do’ what they consider to be ‘spiritual’ things. That ain’t gonna stop. Attempting to mentally or logically convince those multi-millions that it’s all a hallucination ain’t gonna make a shred of difference to all but a microscopically tiny few. The multi-millions must see it for themselves. In their own time. There were countless moments when a choice word or slap upside my head would have saved me a LOT of time and energy and money.

        I’ve spent the last 15 years since my breakdown-breakthrough in a self-imposed Time Out. Perhaps I’ll spend the rest of my days being a head-slapper. I’ll see how it goes, and get back to ya… 🙂

        1. I can express this truth in ten commandments, instead of ten books, the bare bones of what life and existence are.

          But the limited human vision will reduce it to nihilism and negativity.

          There is nothing negating or negative about clearly seeing the world and one’s place in it. What one chooses to do with this understanding is what counts.

  2. Oooh.. the MAJORITY.. this alone is worthy of a separate post.

    Since I have an urge to express I shall leave this to earlier in the New Year, but really, Robert, I am not naive/have enough male ego to believe that my musings can stop anyone from making the same mistakes as previous generations, all of us, have made due to ignorance.

    Sadly, ignorance preveils, always and forever, among the populace; I was that too once. When I look back at my life all I see is living in a fog.

    Unlike all you men who believe in own powers of pursuasion and ‘head slapping’ as you say.. (and getting paid for it).. I harbour no such illusion, for illusion it has always been.

    Since Plato’s time and perhaps prior, humans keep going through the same learn/re-learn process, what I referred to previously as the Wheel Of Life. I.E. generations are born, spend a lifetime to learn the basics of life, then die, without any conceivable ability to pass on this internal understanding to anyone. Another generation is born and repeats the process of maturing, then dies.

    What the ancients like Socrates, the Testaments and so on recorded – are the same struggles a modern man (and you and I) are speaking of.

    I am simply not arrogant enough to believe in my personal power to destroy ignorance in millions OR even in a few. Can you understand this? I said this from the start: the Human Blueprint is UNCHANGEABLE, as evident from 12 thousand or so years of human civilisation.

    And I didn’t have to read books to understand it all so clearly. The ability was given, quite suddenly, but aided by my personal curiosity and feverent desire to understand.

    You don’t know if a slap would have saved you OR added to your confusion. There is no formula, no teaching to guarantee the loss of ignorance.

    I don’t have any spiritual pursuits. I’d like to learn server/network maintenance, perhaps. And other equally practical interests.

    I am done with ‘spirituality’, perhaps, in the same way as Jed who always scoffed at it, but it pays, and he chose a practical aspect of it.

    ‘Spirituality’ is easy to set up you see… it requires no proof, no serious investment, no long arduous hours, no heavy labour, no company rules or wages to pay. No regulatory bodies to comply with, no rules except the one’s YOU invent.

    You can see that in our recent discussion on how ‘Jed’ has set up his business.

    Free for all. Wanna set up as the next teacher cum saviour cum master cum guru cum leader? Sure!!! It’s the land of plenty!!!

    Plenty of village idiots who’d follow, that is.

    In the same way psychology related occupations are quackery sciences – so is spirituality.

    Jed wouldn’t go as far as to state this clearly; those millions (or in his case thousands), the ignorant majority, would abandon him instantaneously if he did.

    They need the fairy tale to stay afloat, not to fall off the face of the earth into the pit of internal despair. Weaklings. ‘Spirituality’ keeps people in illusion, because truth is too fucking hard to face, most can’t handle it and are afraid of it.

    1. What you say is good, and correct.
      Why bother having this website? Why post anything? Why bother answering/debating anyone who posts back at you?
      Cuz you feel like it. Cuz you want to. As to why you do it, you’ve got no one to answer to in this whole universe but yourself. And you’ve got no one to justify to, either. Do what you want. Or do nothing. Same difference. If I were to judge you, who cares? You certainly wouldn’t. You’ve got nothing left to prove to anyone.
      You’ve personally been through the wringer and come out the other end. Dessicated, shredded, stripped. Yet here you are; you still live on. Now what? Based on your own experiences and your own understandings, you have some sort of take on the whole business of spirituality, and of life. You live your truth, whatever flavor it has for you.
      What it comes down to, for everyone, ‘awakened’ or not, is the same question: what do you want to do? If helping people feels like a cop out, then don’t help people. If hunting down scammers feels worthwhile, have fun. If secluding yourself in a cave sounds about right, seclude away.
      Me? I’ve had a very satisfying and fulfilling life. I like to learn, apply it, get my results. If good, check. If not good, recheck. If someone’s curious and asks for help, I help, cuz I enjoy it. Been doing that my whole adult life, in several careers. Now, having benefitted immensely from my so-called ‘spiritual’ changes, and after chilling out for 15 years, I feel an inner prompting to lay out my story and POV. I have no illusion it’s right, or correct, or unassailable. I have no intention of debating anyone or attempting to justify the correctness of my POV. Like you, I have nothing to prove or defend. I will simply offer it up. If absolutely nothing comes of it, fine. If thousands pull at my tunic begging for answers, fine. I may tell them all to piss off. I may talk at their spongy little brains for awhile. I may give them some weird koan to contemplate while they weed the garden or do the dishes. I have no idea what I will do. I’ll just put it out there and see what happens. My response-ability will come impromptu in the moment.
      So yeah, it’s just the next movement in my life. As I move into seniorhood now, it feels like a good thing to do. From my POV, I will do it with whatever measure of integrity I possess. And anyway, before too long, I’ll be riding off into the sunset, quietly laughing to myself.

      [p.s. – It is a lot of fun interacting with you Tano. I really appreciate your presence. Very stimulating, as few others can do it! Thank you very much, and a big hug.]

      1. Well, Robert.. you have quite a bit of a rebel somewhere there in you. Let me stir it up a bit and perhaps piss you off in the process…

        “Like you, I have nothing to prove or defend. I will simply offer it up”

        Will you ‘offer it’ for free? Your life experience and understanding?

        “If thousands pull at my tunic begging for answers, fine. I may tell them all to piss off. I may talk at their spongy little brains for awhile. I may give them some weird koan to contemplate while they weed the garden or do the dishes.”

        Whose garden will they weed, and whose dishes will they do? Yours?

        Are we talking about setting up ‘an accidental ashram’ (Jed’s words) and milking the mentally challenged classes? (I know it sounds arrogant to call the uncritically thinking flock ‘mentally challenged’ but I was that too, so feel quite an affinity with them).

        So… are you gearing up for your own little deception scheme? Be honest. You are not the first one who told me about such a possibility, and there are literally hundreds of thousands in existence already. So what’s your marketing plan, in order to capture the little fishes?

        What’s the name of this next big movement in your life? Robertism?

        “I will do it with whatever measure of integrity I possess.”

        What measure of integrity DO you possess? A serious question, my friend.

        1. First to understand: the website will work in three areas simultaneously – Natural Health, Liberty, Awakening. From my own experiences, I clearly see parallel processes and patterns at work in all 3 areas. That’s what I intend to highlight.
          Essentially, the process at work in all 3 is detoxification/subtraction of BS. With natural health, it’s the innate, natural, automated process of detox-repair-rejuvenation, esp accelerated with fasting. (This has been much of my work for 25+ years). It works wonderfully, if we simply get out of the way and let it run naturally. With Liberty it centers around purging beliefs about false authority. With awakening it revolves around detoxing/purging false beliefs of all kinds, across the board.
          Free? Yes. Except for the online natural healthcare course I have offered for many years.
          People can weed their own damn gardens! And contemplate something useful while they do it.
          No ashram. Perhaps another fasting clinic/retreat in the future… though the headaches of running it make me weary just thinking about doing it again.
          No deception. With health care and liberty, those are fairly concrete subjects that anyone can grasp for themselves, if they actually want to see it. In the awakening section, I’ll be just sayin’ it as I see it, having been thru it. It’s 100% subjective, of course, so it’s offered on a take it or leave it basis. I’ve got no stake in it, other than enjoying any bit of Aha! that someone may have.
          My integrity will have to speak for itself. I’ve been doing this ‘helping’ thing for a few decades now, and my work has always been 100% based on showing people how to be more self-reliant, self-determining, self-balancing, self-healing, self-regulating, self-correcting; i.e. creating autonomous, free individuals.
          That will never change, cuz that’s all I care about.

          1. Hi Robert,

            Helping with health issues – is possible, and I see no problem of charging for this real skill.

            “creating autonomous, free individuals” – is a pipe dream.

            How many has ‘Jed’ created, after 20 years?
            How many has the TM created, after near 100?
            How many has Osho or any of these ‘wise men’ with dubious moral standards created?
            How many has the Buddhism, this most innocuous religion, created in 2,500 years?

            What, in actual reality, HAVE they created? I only see a strong support for a sophisticated con job, a snake oil bid for freedom.

            While self-reliant and self-determining is all good… it does not grant freedom. You cannot do WHATEVER you want, and doing whatever one wants would be also detrimental to humans. What if one wants to murder and pillage? Torture? Become cannibals? Fuck five year olds? Have slaves?

            What, in fact, does it mean to be free? What are the parameters and limitations that tell one he/she is FREE?


            Why are you and I – expats? Do you realise there is a very real reason, aside from a superficial thought of ‘warm climate’, that we find ourselves in essentially alien cultures, but there is a serious trade-off, right?

            Here we reach the fork in the road and begin to follow our respective divergent destinations, Robert.

            You see… I would love to write something that would destroy this illusion of being able to pass on this human understanding… once and for all. So why don’t I?

            Because the illusion is INDESTRUCTIBLE. It feeds countless cults, religions, sects, groups, teachings, satsangs, retreats, studios, ashrams.. some are relatively harmless, but others are toxic. I can see this fact with much clarity, and over two years of writing and communicating with other minds has confirmed it to me perfectly.

            I am not writing here to clear the fog in someone’s mind. I am writing here because whatever cobwebs are left in my own – get swept as a result.

            Further. Always.

          2. T – For some reason, on my computer, I do not see a REPLY button underneath your great post in response to mine above… so I’ll write it here.

            1) I have no illusion about freeing people 100%. I have no illusion that I am 100% free. It is a relative dimension we live in, totally subjective, all grey area, a matter of degree. No black or white.
            I am old enough and wise(?) enough to plainly see the futility and stupidity of seeing or approaching anything as needing to be black or white. Such 100% extremes may be useful for debate, to clarify a point… but it usually becomes counterproductive and often outright destructive in real world practice. All of us, if we want to, can improve our lives however we like.
            MORE right/harmonious/life-supporting, LESS wrong/imbalanced/life-destructive. You’ll note I previously wrote ‘more’ self-reliant, self-determining, etc. I should have also written the word ‘more’ before autonomous, free individuals. I find encouraging that worthwhile. You may not. C’est la vie.

            I see it that human beings are a newly self-aware species on the planet. We’ve barely cracked open that door, or at best, have very tentatively taken a step outside. Whole worlds of possibility await, if one has the courage, tenacity and discipline to do what it takes to summon another step forward. I consider that movement forward as more and more freedom, creativity, possibility. Very enjoyable!

            3) I’ve taken my own extended backpacking trips into the bleak Nihilism forest. Fascinating and oddly captivating scenery. Though having experienced many useful insights, the overall vibe of the place is suffocating. Smells bad. While the insights made their marks and will never be forgotten, I wouldn’t enjoy living there. So, I move toward life-supporting, life-enhancing, life-expanding. If you or others interpret my movement as somehow dishonest, out of integrity or delusional, so be it. Works for me.

            4) “Further, Always.”

          3. “I do not see a REPLY button underneath” I think nestled comments only go a few levels deep, otherwise we will be left with a very thin strip of text to the right

            Robert, I wrote a looong reply, then deleted it all. Let’s do it differently.

            You said

            “I should have also written the word ‘more’ before autonomous, free individuals. I find encouraging that worthwhile.”

            I would be curious if you could show me in what way encouraging for more autonomy and freedom in individuals is worthwhile.

            I realise this may look like a stupid question.. why? If course freedom and self-reliance are worthy of attaining!!! but often surface appearance is not what is. I am specifically interested in this ‘encouraging’ aspect.

            Why and how is it worthwhile to encourage?


  3. Hi Tano,

    I have abolutely no respect for the way the author of the books makes money by selling those “Jed Mckenna” books and e-books. And as you say “his silence on the matter of SE Asia Jed McKenna fraud is dishonorable”. I totally agree with that. So if you give his name, I would say : well done ! He is a fraud. If he really wanted to help people, he would make all his e-books free, and would just make some money by selling the paper versions to those who want to support his work.

  4. But I also agree when you say : “I must be 100% sure”. If you give a name it must be 100% true. Not a guess.


  5. Hi Cedric, long time no see.

    Jed never claimed to want to help anyone; in contrast, he always maintained one has to help themselves first and foremost, and then perhaps see if there is any wish left of helping others.

    I’m pretty sure he is intelligent enough to see clearly that no one can be helped.

    What I’m doing is not about helping. It is about expressing who I am, and it MAY be perceived as ‘help’ by some, but it is not.

    So.. Jed expressed who he is, by all his action and inaction.

    His inaction is what concerns me.

    As you can see the question of deciding on identity revelations is complex. I will publish what I said to Jed directly. I am sure he received it. Whether he chose to read – is another matter, but my guess is – yes.

    1. I’ve always had an eye on this website, always been curious of what you have to say, (even when I was “banned” from commenting 😉 ), always have been interested in your voice, whether I am agreeing or not.

      We agree on that : He doesn’t give a f..k about “helping others”, he just want to make money, take money from gullible people. I do not respect that. If you reveal his name I would totally support that. As far as I’m concerned, I do not care anymore about knowing his name or not. I don’t think he would do less money if his real name was revealed (maybe on the contrary he would make more money!), his little business would continue. (And by the way as you said recently I don’t think he sold “millions of books”, that’s marketing.)

      At the end of the day what that “Jed Mckenna” is doing is just pitiful. His little business is just pathetic. I’ve really zero respect for his work, his books. I’m not interested in that man. I respect the human being and I don’t wish him anything bad, but that’s it : all of his business is just pitiful.

      1. I banned you for a month a year ago, just so that you could cool off a bit and process our disagreements.

        Incidentally.. I noticed that A LOT of bloggers censor comments, i. e. the comments do not get published instantly; they are placed in a queue for the blog owner to decide whether to publish them.

        I find this practice of censorship extremely fake. It is the same practice that Mr. McMordie implemented on his forum, but he has much to hide, such as the fact he is not Jed McKenna.

        The question is then.. what do all these innocent at first glance blogs have to hide if they censor comments on their posts?

        Afraid of own shadow. Afraid to get some negative shit posted on their pages.

        Anyway.. you are correct in saying that Jed McKenna’s business will continue regardless of any revelations. Even if there were accusations of some serious misconduct and even crime – his business would carry on.

        The example is our Mr. Kenneth who continues to catch, groom and then milk followers. Some are absolutely aware of the scam and simply ignore the facts, which tells you much about the state of human minds in general.

        Jed’s business is small fry. Think about the Transcendental Meditation movement that formed a backdrop to Jed’s personal search back in the 90’s and which had influenced his perceptions and even his decision to write specifically about spirituality.

        This is a fully fledged, institutionalized cult, not of personalities, but of the technique. And as with any cult, the brainwashing and deliberate omission of the facts distorts the picture as to make it all bliss and lovey-dovey. This is the furthest from the truth.

        Finally..I am not as radical as yourself when it comes to dismissing Jed’s creations outright. His mind and his understandings are sound, mostly. There are no doubt some gremlins in his beliefs. His personal background , the culture he was immersed in – are to blame. No one breaks absolutely free from their cultural environment.

        But overall – he gets it.

        However.. he, too, lies.

        1. “I banned you for a month a year ago, just so that you could cool off a bit and process our disagreements.” You never told me it was only for a month. I never knew the ban was over. Yesterday I just tried to comment without knowing if it would work. You could have told me “Ok the ban is over Cédric” (you have my email address) But none of that is a big deal. I’m glad I can comment again. Next time you ban me (if that happens) just let me know when the ban is over. 😉

          “I noticed that A LOT of bloggers censor comments, i. e. the comments do not get published instantly; they are placed in a queue for the blog owner to decide whether to publish them.

          I find this practice of censorship extremely fake.”

          I have a blog that had some years ago much more activity and commentators than today ( I almost don’t write anything anymore), I had to censor comments because of one or two “trolls”. When someone doesn’t respect your blog and thinks he/she is at home, you have to censor comments, and not allow them to shit all over your blog. But if one day they change their behaviour I will allow them to comment again. (in fact I don’t ban people, I ban comments) I’m not for “lifelong banishment”, people can change, everybody might change, even the “worst troll”. I don’t think I was troll here on your blog, but if for you I once was one, I apologise for that. 🙂

          1. “I had to censor comments because of one or two “trolls”

            “I don’t ban people, I ban comments”

            If one bans comments it means that the true picture of what people think and how they interact with the website, what kind of people come and their ways of processing – remains unseen by those who read here.

            It distorts the overall picture. Imagine the practice of publishing only the positive comments on your product on the website… which is what is done mostly and which is a lie… called ‘marketing’.

            I prefer to let everyone express themselves, be it thoughtful, friendly, aggressive or inquiring.

            But if people begin to troll (inflammatory interaction type) or it is simply clear to me they need to take the time off for processing (as was the case with you and J) – I will give them time off.

            It only happened three times so far. I also deleted one comment once, for an obscene suggestion of me wanting to have sex with Mr. McMordie (god knows where these thoughts come from in some heads).

            You were not a troll, just needed time out; no need to apologise for anything. I do request, however, that you try to think carefully about what you post; that was the main problem: you can be rush and not thoughtful, in a hurry to splash it all out, but no substance.

            Think, and all will be well.

            If I get the time I might place the comments from emails (withdrawing any personal info), both the positive and the most negative and demeaning.

          2. ” that was the main problem: you can be rush and not thoughtful, in a hurry to splash it all out, but no substance.”

            I have always had the feeling of being thoughtful in my comments here. That means : I know what I want to express, every word is pondered, I don’t write from a emotional impulse. But the problem is that words can be misinterpreted, especially as English in not my first language. I’ve always tried my best to be precise and express myself clearly.

            I will continue to do so. And if I’m banned again, no worries, it’s not a big deal. 🙂 I prefer being really me and be rejected than not being me and be accepted.

  6. Taking money – bad. Giving money – good. Is it really that simple?

    What if I’m giving the fruits of my work for free because I (even if “only” unconsciously) believe that they’re worth nothing? What if I’m giving you money because I believe that I can afford it because the Universe will take care of me, but it won’t take care of you, so _I_ have to?
    I might be praised for my generosity by those who don’t bother to look deeper into my intentions but in reality all I’m giving is BS.

    Money, money, money… we either make it into a god or into a devil. What’s the difference?

    1. “What if I’m giving you money because I believe that I can afford it because the Universe will take care of me, but it won’t take care of you”

      “in reality all I’m giving is BS.”

      OK, do. I’ll email you my Western Union details.

      Depending on the amount of bs you are prepared to transfer – it might keep me fed for a number of weeks 😍😘

      Give me ALL YOUR BULLSHIT!!! 😇

  7. Hi EM, you are so full of your self you don’t need anyone elses BS to get fat 🙂

    To all who are wondering – the possible JMK identity that EM is creating so much intrigue about is August Turak. I too have talked to the person who met with AT in person and stayed with him over quite a few days. And based on their discussions determined that he was behind JMK. He’s even posted his opinion on the internet a few times. Enjoy.

    1. I do hope I am full of myself. Who else should I be full of? 🙂

      Sally, you were lead by Ken, were even his favourite girl on his first forum.. now it is August.. what’s next, girl?

      Chill. If you get 100% evidence.. oh but there is none. Someone stayed with Turak and based on their discussions determined it was Jed. But those who know Turak personally – think not.. ya know…those who were with him and Rose on the farm.

      We discussed that before. You need to chase facts, not suppositions, OK?

      Be well.

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