Get It Got It

Sitting in caves gains one a ‘special’ status – that of a ‘sage’. But sitting in a cave also indicates that the cave person is afraid to live. Life is hard, competitive, dirty. Caves are safe.


Rudy asked me a few questions here that I would like to address.

But before I do… I used to live near places like that photo below. I lived in a town, but it was surrounded by the rolling green hills, narrow country lanes, cute villages and tiny hamlets with an obligatory old church graveyard and just a few hundred people. It was picture perfect in every direction, a highly desirable location. I used to go for walks in the woods, or cycling around country lanes or eventually, when the gnarling sense of ‘something is not quite right in life’ started to get to me, I would jump in my car and drive around.

Pretty Villages

I also wanted to live in one of those hamlets. Now, when I think of it – their absolute idyllic stillness fills me with dread. They are lifeless corpses: pretty, civil, sterile, devoid of life. It is the perfect manifestation of the human attempt to control life, to make it knowable and subdued, a fantasy of being in charge.

Life is messy, unpredictable, often cruel and indiscriminate. Life does not decide who lives and who dies: it happens as a random lottery, and you might be the next victim of a storm lightening or financial crush or cancer or a reckless driver.

Got it?

I upped sticks and stopped striving for the scrubbed up, germ free version of life. It simply never happens. So when people ask questions about this enlightenment palaver I always wonder what life version they are living. And by the way, when it is sometimes mentioned ‘In my past life’ – it does not mean reincarnation or other equally ridiculous terror management theories. It simply means ‘In the life I left behind’, and I had many many life overhauls.

1. Are you saying Nisgaradatta, Richard Rose, Adyashanti, Wayne Wirs (who I learned about reading your site, thank you) et al. did not have some kind of experience which left them with more than an intellectual understanding of, not sure what to call it but let me try, either “themselves as pure awareness” or if that is too ham-handed, “One Thing?”

All those chaps went through an experience of “OH….. I GET IT”. But they all interpreted it according to their personal levels of knowledge, depth and human integrity.

The words ‘I am pure awareness’ are… pure nonsense. It is the same as saying ‘My body is pure legs’. One’s body is so much more than legs, one’s mind is so much more than awareness, and you are the result of many variables all working together, co-creating inside of you, interacting with the outside world and making your specimen unique.

2. Are you saying there is nothing special about whatever experience they may or may not have had to make it worth pursuing?

All comes down to this fact: one internally grows and grows up.

The mind matures, it  is a natural process and there is nothing special about it. While not all humans will arrive, all will grow in SOME way. It is not the pinnacle of the human experience, it is EVERYONE’S experience, even when they are not intelligent enough to notice or give it a name. Even when there is that one single defining moment when suddenly a person says ‘Fuck yeah.. I can see it now’ – it is still not the crowning glory. So you are a big boy/girl now… what’s the deal?

In other words, everyone evolves and matures. How far depends on many things.

3. Did you not reference on this blog some experience you had…a kind of death experience or experience of nothing, which profoundly affected how you see the world and disabused you of “the story” your mind had been telling? Again, might not have that right, but if you did have some experience like that, how do you refer to it?

Gaining death awareness did not disabuse me of the ‘story’ as I was too young to understand.

But it did alter my internal perception of life. Ramana chose to sit in a cave after that. I mean.. ~~fuck, I’m gonna die, what’s the point of anything? ~~ But it is not my choice.

4. If you did have an experience like that are you saying it shouldn’t or can’t be pursued and if it happens it is either grace or misfortune depending on your perspective?

You may ‘get it’ as a result of many factors, but forcing yourself and your mind to grow up fast is akin to rape.

U.G. spent MOST of his life trying to ‘get there’. Spoke with Ramana, spoke with another Krishnamurti and many other so called ‘gurus’…. AND? He lived his life in the pursuit of a mirage. He then got it, calmed the fuck down and got very elegant about telling everyone this is all bullshit.

Has anyone listened?

It is all bullshit. Go live your life as it suits you specifically. There is no manual as to how,  one size does NOT fit all and you were not born supplied with instructions on how to operate ‘you’.

I say “Live. Find out – as a result of living.”

A heart that's full up like a landfill
A job that slowly kills you
Bruises that won't heal
You look so tired, unhappy
Bring down the government
They don't, they don't speak for us
I'll take a quiet life
A handshake of carbon monoxide
No alarms and no surprises
No alarms and no surprises
Such a pretty house
and such a pretty garden
No alarms and no surprises

28 thoughts on “Get It Got It

  1. I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

    Three follow-ups:

    1) in #1 above you say they had some kind of experience and said, “Oh…I get it.” What is the “it” that you think they got?

    2) In #3 above you say the mind matures naturally and there is nothing to pursue. You further say “while not all humans will arrive…” Arrive where or to what?

    3) Finally, while it is impossible to know what it was originally intended to mean…could just have originally been some random art work, does the yin/yang diagram or symbol represent any perspective/information/truth of any kind or is it in fact more like art or graffiti?

    I really do appreciate the exchange.



    1. 1. They got the fact that Reality is right in front of them, unobscured, obvious and has always been as such. Just like now as you are reading these words.

      2. Arrive at complete understanding. Few will arrive at complete understanding and few will have a totally unobscured vision of the world.

      How many humans do you know that are in their advanced age, but are still like children: insecure, emotionally tense, argumentative, greedy, needy? Hey… hours from the grave, yet still in the grip of self fantasy.

      3. Yin-Yang… it can be interpreted many ways. To me it is this: you (those two black and white dots) are part of the Whole (this entire universe and all in it). You are surrounded by everything, and are made from the same building blocks as everything, hence the position of the dots.

      It is also about what runs inside human bodies: hormones, their respective ability to cause harm or to protect. They are represented by black and white colours, an opposition. In the old ‘mystical’ speak those are male and female energies, but really.. it is the physiology of the human body that makes you do whatever it is that humans do.

      Now, use your imagination. You are a man of the past, back a few thousand years. You know very little about why the world is the way it is, why there is thunder and lightening, death, babies, how it all comes about etc. etc., but you have a curious and thoughtful turn of your primitive mind.

      You are standing in front of a cave wall, a piece of coal in your hand. You begin to draw, and your hand draws a circle. Why circle? It is geometric perfection, people feel geometric shapes quite well.

      Then you think of yourself and where you are in all that. Then… well, use your imagination.

      It may be speculation, but really, the most profound ideas and the most important discoveries start from sheer speculation and imagination.

      1. Hi,

        And again thank you for responding.

        The experiences that Jean Klein, Wayne Wirs, Richard Rose, Nisgardatta, and Adyashanti or Steven Gray and to some extent Marc Leavitt (I leave Tolle out only because I can’t read or listen to him because he makes my skin crawl) describe are very different from “just seeing reality.” They describe a visceral sense of Oneness. As Richard Rose says, “not one with anything, just one.” They describe this as a distinct before and after. They did not have this feeling/knowing/sense before it and then after the experience it changed their entire worldview and orientation. A couple of them say that because they were looking for “it,” and it was nothing like what they thought it would be , it provides some validation for the uniqueness of their experience/insight.

        1) Is an experience like that possible or are they lying about it for notoriety or some other unknown motive?
        2) If it is possible, you could just say I had an experience or you could call it something else…Richard Rose says he became God, but what would be wrong with calling that enlightenment?
        3) Like other sensory/cognitive experiences that one could have or not have, how could you know if they were really possible and what they were really like until you had them? If you see colors and I am color blind or if you experience synesthesia and I don’t, I do now know what your experience is and how it changes your worldview or your day to day.

        Finally, one more question…at least for now. 🙂

        4) You have a ton of postings on the Myth Articles part of this site and I have read them all. Of all those postings, you only pull out and highlight it in the upper right of the site…Plato’s Cave and Diligent Students. Why highlight any and of all the posts, why that one?

        Again, I appreciate the exchange.



        1. Awww.. a visceral sense of Oneness… the Holy Grail.

          Yes, in the heat of the moment it feels like that. I mentioned that too. Ya know… total excitement at finally seeing the shit. And by the way Adyashanty described his experience very pragmatically and without any oneness. The actual moment was down to earth, and they all are very similar.

          But it is NOT like that some years down the line. I personally grew very fast, in the same way as I went from knowing NOTHING about anything spiritual to grokking it in two years. Despair and emotional burn made it so. However, as I said.. I am not writing from that moment of a few years back. One grows from that and begins to see things in their quite ordinary light. Not the emotional high of the “Fuck! I GET it!” state.

          So, in answer to your questions:

          1. They are not lying. They were mostly youngish men who spent considerable time looking for ‘it’ and the elation was too fucking great to contain.

          The actual experience of Oneness is not enlightenment. It is your hormones on the high.

          2. I said I became Worm God… hey, close enough, because you simultaneously see yourself as nothing and everything, and it is a piercing feeling.

          You can call ‘it’ any name you want. The fact is: once you have come down from the high – you see everything in its true light, and that true light is extremely ordinary and prosaic. Just like your life right now, in fact.

          There is no special state of enlightenment. There is euphoria at your mind suddenly cracking open, but it is true that it takes some years to begin to see everything with absolute Clarity.

          3. Well, how would I know if I lost a leg? or make it even more interesting: how would I know that I have GAINED another leg? The state of your being changes form the norm it usually is. In the same way it changes from the norm when you are in strong physical pain. You KNOW. It needs no proof or theories around it.

          4. I rotate articles in that link, they change from time to time. But I am not very diligent at maintaining the site It is so because I work most days, and writing each article, then editing the WordPress format, then looking for suitable photos (mine or others), cutting, pasting, editing – takes a few hours per article. I simply have no time to watch this site like a hawk.

          1. Hi,

            Thank you again for replying.

            1) I like the Adya-“shanty”. Nice.

            I had a different read on what he said of his experience. In a Q&A at the end of Emptiness Dancing he describes a pretty profound process of first thinking his heart was going to explode, then being launched into empty space and experiencing himself as empty space, and then laughing hysterically at finally understanding that what was looking out his eyes was complete emptiness. He then says he rattled around like a dead person not knowing he was dead, fucking up a lot of normal human relationships until a point a few years later when he he too became One with everything around him.

            That is how Richard Rose described it, to some extent how Klein and Nisgardatta and Leavitt describe it. If sounds like you have experienced something like that as well…calling it a piercing feeling that may or may not have something to do with hormones.

            For some reason I still don’t quite get you don’t want to call that Enlightment. Is the issue here that you don’t want to call it a “state” but it is OK to call it an “experience” (“mind cracking”, “piercing feeling”). Either way that sounds like a profound awareness that would be worth having and perhaps even discussing with others who might be curious, as you do on this site, if they express interest in it, as anyone who comes to this site is doing.

            2) You went through something: “I personally grew very fast, in the same way as I went from knowing NOTHING about anything spiritual to grokking it in two years. Despair and emotional burn made it so. ” I don’t know if you sought it out or if you went down a rabbit hole voluntarily or involuntarily and that is what you arrived at without you wanting or trying to seek it out. But still you first had that experience and now it has mellowed, deepened, changed and you write from a more quotidian place…first a mountain is a mountain, then it is not a mountain, then it is a mountain. You can say you spend your time doing convex geometry but you couldn’t do it without knowing calculus first. Looking down your nose at calculus would be, well, at a minimum, ungrateful.

            I have not gone through that something. I can say the words “I am one with everything,” but it is just parroting. it all still feels quite separate to me. Likewise, I don’t feel like nothing, i have not experienced myself as emptiness/nothing.

            Why wouldn’t one want strip the filters away or reduce the ego (less of me more of the divine as Wayne Wirs says) or whatever through some kind of practice…sitting, writing, spirtual autolysis, making your life a true prayer as Richard Rose says…one man repeating a single question or whatever other means calls to you…to try to really experience what you and others have experienced, whatever you want to call it?

            Sincere thanks for taking my questions seriously. they are in earnest.


          1. Hi,

            the only reason i did not include Marc is that I do not recall him talking about that feeling of being One. I do recall him describing the feeling of emptiness.

            Look, I don’t know shit from Shinola as my Dad used to say. That said, I do believe there is such a thing as an Enlightenment experience. I believe Marc had it. But I did not include him only because i do not recall him saying “he became One.” He may have said that, I just don’t recall and so left him out.

            No mystery.



  2. Hello,this is not directly related but I’m wondering how you get out of hard solipsism?
    We don’t experience the universe directly only our own perception of it so how can we know for sure that it exists at all?

    1. Derek, the longer you keep pondering this very question – the longer you will be firmly lodged in your head.

      It is not a question about Reality. Show me solipsism. Where is it? Have you ever seen it, met it, sensed it?

      Is solipsism real?

      1. The reason I’m pondering it is because it could be true.we only experience things second we don’t know if there’s anything real outside of our selfs!
        You claim that we’re awarness and body and a lot of other things,so why can’t we be observer and observed?

        1. Of course you can be observer – you observe everything around.

          Of course you can be observed – you observe yourself: your thoughts, feelings, emotions, your body and its discomforts.

          Where is the dilemma? Your mind can do both. Your mind is both the observer and the observed.

          Next. Who says you experience everything ‘second hand’? You experience everything via your specific human apparatus. It is direct and real.

          It may not be the same experience as that of an ant, simply because the apparatus is different. BUT. The fact that the experience is different does NOT negate its realness.

          1. If somebody sticks a pin in my leg but I’m paralyzed the signal from the sense receptors in my leg doesn’t reach my mind which doesn’t interpret it and create the second hand experience of pain.
            Every thing I experience is a second hand interpretation in my mind.
            So this being the case everything could be in my mind.
            You don’t seem to have a way out of this!

          2. Your nerves are damaged, there is no signal. It does not contradict the fact that this (no signal) is your direct experience.

            Take that further. Your entire head is damaged via my shot. No signal. Completely.

            It it will NOT be your mind interpretation, oh no. It will be a ‘no mind’ situation.

            As in ‘dead’.

            But it seems to me you want to entertain self with fantasies. Do. Why not. You will be dead regardless.

      1. This is flawed to because as far as I know you,the gun and the external universe are just in my head,my head being possibly just an illusion too,so if you pull that trigger we don’t know what will happen.
        And the same is true for you.
        Maybe your all that’s exists!

        1. I know what will happen if I pull that trigger and do not miss your head.

          You will be dead.

          You may ‘think’ you won’t be dead, but you ‘know’ you will be.

          It’s just that thinking over some particularly strange mental proposition (a concept, such as in Jed’s books) sometimes overrides common sense.

          1. Your missing the point!
            You don’t know if there is a me nor I you!
            Either of us could be dreamt up.

  3. You still don’t seem to be getting it or your ignoring it.
    I seen an experiment on myth busters where they shot electric pulses into a cockroach and this triggered his interpretations to think he had come to a wall! His experience was wrong because it was second hand.
    The same could be true for everything.
    And again,with the gunshot thing!
    All experiences are illusions and we don’t know if the other person, gun or universe is real! It might be but we can’t know.
    This is a big part of Jed’s argument and if you can’t debunk it,trying to ignore it or mocking it doesn’t make it go away.

    1. Jed lives in a nice part of the world, and writing about the world’s theoretical non-existence does not stop him from enjoying those parts very practically.

      I am not trying to debunk anything. I know that little head place Jed occupies, and it is nothing like what you are trying to present here.

      Why? Because your understanding is purely theoretical. And you know what Jed says about theories. PhD and all that.

      These arguments will keep you going for posterity. Do you know Jed’s income per year? It is just under 4 million bucks. Enough to live on, don’t you think? He should thank people like yourself for that – set for life.

      Get out of your head and look at Reality, instead of your theorising about… theories.

  4. I’m not interested in what Jed is upto,I’m interested to see if anyone can debunk hard solipsism.Jed didn’t create the idea,he’s just one who talks about it.
    I do live life to the full and assume reality is real but it interests me that it might not!
    And the argument that reality and Everything in it is real because your pretty sure,isn’t good enough for me!
    Thanks anyway,I’ll try someone else.

    1. The idea of Solipsism cannot be proven or disproved, because it is completely and irrevocably SUBJECTIVE.
      It is a statement of ONE mind. It is the same as my position that it is bullshit: my very own mind is very SURE that solipsism is moot, and how you are going to disprove this to my mind?

      It is the same as you trying to disprove to me that I have never had a child: no matter what you say – I had a child, and no argument of yours will ever persuade me otherwise, because MINDS ARE INHERENTLY SUBJECTIVE, and my subjective experience is that I had a child.

      And that is solipsism and its circular arguments – a subjective assertion.

      Circular, my friend. Just like that one about God.

    2. P.S. You probably need to go to a philosophy forum or such. They can go on about topics like this forever. I am, however, interested in Reality, not in theories about Reality.

      My best.

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