Hippies, Drugs And Enlightenment

This lie is so prevalent among especially spiritual seekers that it is impossible to ignore.

The lie of ‘Get doped to get enlightened’

The tropical storm is coming to Cambodia from Southern Vietnam. The temperature has eased off to 29 degrees, a rare state of no sweat. The wind is beginning to pick up, tomorrow there might be torrential rain and flooding. Cool.

I remember once feeling somewhat chilly and even throwing on some clothes as I tend to prance around naked in my abode. The thermometer registered 23 degrees, wait a minute! since when do I get cold at 23 degrees Celsius??! I then thought to myself ‘It’s been a while since I lived in the (cold) climes’.

It occurred to me as I was listening to Scott McKenzie’s ‘San Francisco’ that I’m no Cleo Odzer, and the hippie movement (which I missed both chronologically and geographically) would never gel with me, for one very simple reason: I detest drugs. I detest alcohol and anything that has the capacity to cloud the mind. Sure, cigarettes may kill me in the end, but they do not rob one of the ability to think clearly. The rest of the hippie paraphernalia – does.

I read Cleo’s book Goa Freaks: My Hippie Years in India’ in a two-night reading marathon. It was compelling for one reason: the sheer realness of its content. Of course, I had no idea who she was, and only after having finished the book did I google the name and read the Wikipedia article devoted to her. And boy!! these official articles sound nothing like the life of the person when told through her own words.

Cleo Odzer

If anyone thinks hippies were all about universal ‘love’ – think again. Reality demands  paying attention to the basics. Cleo stated herself that hippies of Goa were very concerned with the subject of money, and how to obtain money so that they could avoid the 9 to 5 slavery and spend their days partying, snorting, inhaling, injecting, swimming, chatting, playing… And oh yeah… fucking of course. Ironically, that meant sophisticated for its time drug operations, delivery runs in various parts of the world, tourist scams and a subsequent dependency on the various products they peddled.

Unlike Escobar, the hippies were not interested in building drug empires. They were interested in personal survival at whatever cost. Free love, free drugs and free lifestyle were not that free, after all. All of this required cash and loss of conscience.

Cleo had a quick flirtatious period with Osho’s ashram in Poona, mainly because she was out of money and needed a place to park herself until the next drug scam materialised. She died in 2001 at the age of 51, still looking swell, but internally destroyed by the long-term drug habit.

And so the question of drugs and ‘enlightenment’…. the initial dose may transport one into the altered state of consciousness, which is exactly what it says on the tin: your conscious perception, compared to your everyday Reality, is altered via chemical processes. And? How much would one understand about the world and Reality around them from that kick? The kick would tell you that consciousness is subject to change (altered), can easily be manipulated thorugh drugs, life events, illnesses, yes. So? How much Clarity do you have as a result?

|| EVERYTHING changes the state of consciousness, what you had for dinner changes it.

It was said to me in a conversation with a dope head on a Cambodian beach. I remember it struck me how true the statement was. Yes! Every experience alters the state of consciousness, often on very subtle levels. Fighting off the shark attack changes it. Breaking up with your lover changes it. Sending your kid to school for the first time changes it. Getting dengue fever changes it. Sitting in a nice restaurant and listening to the sound of rain changes it. Everything that makes you stop, pause and think even for a minute – will change your state of consciousness.

So do drugs. But what you see during the trips is not what means to be enlightened, and it not what lasts. What becomes the RESULT of getting the habit – will change your state of consciousness for good. One may lose much as a result =>>The loss will alter one’s perceptions =>> You will understand more about life.

Not because the drugs induced your mind to comprehend the secrets of the universe. It is called ‘a trip’ for a reason. The drugs themselves do nothing. Because you lost. You gained some life experience, and your perceptions have changed.

Have we not agreed (together with Jed) that the journey is that of loss? I am not anti-drugs, each to their own and all that. I personally choose not to, despite the fact that ‘commission’ based Cambodia has been heaven for shady druggy characters, both of Western and local origins. It is soo-o easy here to obtain anything.

I am anti- mind fog that the drugs induce, which is the furthest one can get from enlightenment.


If one eventually manages to get out of the fog, both drug and TMUT induced – good on them. In fact.. hell, you have done well to get out of hell!

As I write this, a party is taking place next door. Young, with money, a whiff of dope is slowly creeping in, alcohol pumped craziness, which will be followed in due course by heavy humping. What changed in human minds from the times of Indochina opium dens? And it doesn’t matter one glorious spliff if this is Goa, New York or Kathmandu.

Monkey ‘fun’ in the human jungle has universal form across time and space. Without mindless ‘fun’ – a large proportion of human population will stop breading.

35 thoughts on “Hippies, Drugs And Enlightenment

  1. If you had as much experience with psychedelics as someone like Terrence McKenna I would listen to you on this topic. but you don’t seem to have any…

    You are a like the governments who say drugs aren’t helpful without them having tried any.

    1. Not psychedelics, no. I considered it while in the middle of my two year ride, and even discussed that with my son, but realised that it is absolutely the dead end to understanding anything.

      You are free to disagree and to take up experimentation. I don’t know of anyone who got to the state of clear mind from using mind altering substances. Quite the opposite.

      Terence McKenna was highly intense and with massive reserves of energy. It’s got to go some place, and so he dipped his toe in every possible human experience. It doesn’t make him or his theories right.

      Governments don’t try drugs, as governments are institutions. But people in governments – did and do. I would personally legalise drugs, all of them.

  2. It’s ‘Terence’ Mckenna’. And if you want to know more about him you could see if you can find out why he already stopped taking psychedelics in the late 80s. Long, long time before he got popular musing about them and advocating the ‘heroic dose’. I have taken note of the constant disagreeing for disagreements sake of the OP as well. She made some interesting points earlier but here she’s not only not talking from experience on a whole host of issues. trust me: TR is not the intellectual endeavour some make it out to be, Another’s opinion on matter, is absolutely the dead end to understanding anything. When the questions presents themselves just act according to your nature, not your neuroses. The great Terence Mckenna used to say ‘Take it easy, but take it.’ I love that.

    1. Socks? Why don’t you post under your original handle, T?

      And why can I not have opinions, but ‘great Terence McKenna’ – can, in many many words he had produced over the course of his life?

      And why did cancer scare him that much and gave him a jolt?

      AND.. .. why did Terence McKenna stop taking psychedelics in the late 80s?

      Perhaps, instead of getting all personal you can contribute something constructive and answer those questions here.

      TR is BOTH intellectual and intuitive.

      1. This is according to his own brother; …Paul? You need to look it up online. He got scared shitless apparently. His very last interview (the one where he is sitting on the floor with that huge bump on his head is also pretty interesting.

        Sometimes I try to be personal. It never works out quite the way I imagine it. Some day I will learn to keep my mouth shut. I don’t forbid you to ‘have’ anything. It is simply my ‘opinion’ (as a professional dreamer) that you are overly dismissive. Gut feeling. And you have posted the rough contours of your intellect online (much like TM). So I enjoy pushing back. Sue me.

        I can change my handles into anything I want (and i often do). .. I’m also fully aware of your considerable skills of investigation. Only the paranoid survive, right? 😉

        1. Dennis McKenna.

          No need to sue. Push back by all means, but make it about points, not about personalities.

          I am dismissive of wild claims that have nothing to do with Reality. If it were that easy to open one’s Mind and keep it open via psychedelics – the world would be full of clear thinking, rational and emotionally balanced humans. But it is not. I invite you to consider this carefully.

          Questioning ungrounded claims is not paranoia, and I say this as someone who used to be a dreamer and faithfully wore rose coloured glasses. Yet… something inside was asking ‘Is any of this shit true?’

          I just took my enquiry to its logical end. And in the end – the mountain is the mountain again, but I see everything with a new perspective.

  3. PS: “cigarettes may kill me in the end, but they do not rob one of the ability to think clearly.” Ofcourse not. That already happened and then you got addicted to nicotine. Where I come (not LaLa Land) that is some world class BS as well.

      1. I have no real addictions ‘per say’ ..vices perhaps. If you press me I would probably have to admit that i’m an information junky. But (to the chagrin of many a friend) I sometimes forget to look at my phone for weeks on end just because I forget all about the device when it is not in plain few. Weeks! true story..


        “”Terence’s pivotal existential crisis came abruptly. Sometime in ’88 or ’89. I don’t know exactly when it happened and I don’t know exactly what happened. I am piecing it together from what Kat (Terence’s wife) has told me. It happened when they were living for a time on the Big Island and it was a mushroom trip they shared that was absolutely terrifying for Terence. It was terrifying because, for some reason, the mushroom turned on him. The gentle, wise, humorous mushroom spirit that he had come to know and trust as an ally and teacher ripped back the facade to reveal an abyss of utter existential despair. Terence kept saying, so Kat told me, that it was, “a lack of all meaning, a lack of all meaning.”


        1. Vices. Sounds interesting. Care to elaborate?

          Tell me why it should take a shroom trip to realise the bloody obvious – ‘lack of all meaning’? Isn’t it clear to begin with? And can this same realisation not be achieved in other ways?

          Terence was a thinking entity with a turbulent mind. Shrooms were an escape until he realised that even his chosen form of oblivion grant neither understanding nor peace.

      1. Not today I guess..

        i would never tell you to take anything. Besides, you claimed the price already, crystal clarity – or so you keep saying. So what would be the point? We where talking about wether or not I am allowed to state that you should not be so dismissive. As you might know there is really nothing to ‘achieve’ as far as TR is concerned.

        What you call ‘the bloody obvious’ might very well be just one conclusion to one illusion. I cannot compute your ‘bloody obvious’ because it exists in you and you alone. There is no-one there to claim anything then a certain lofty flavour of insanity we are keen to call HA, TR or enlightenment. Everyone can forget about achieving anything other then achieving a perceived measure of clarity or uhm.. the realisation of its inherent non-achievementness. (lol..) I’m making this stuff up as I go along. The point is ‘liberating’ the organism from whatever you’re thinking and then we make up fancy names for something we didn’t even ‘do’ ourselves. imho we can just as well call it ‘puberty part 2’. The similarities are striking. But anyway, frivolously throwing ‘don’t do drugs’ monkey wrenches around is only helpful for half the public in a public debate like this here. You don’t know HOW one mind will check-mate itself or how one will certainly not. Some people need to climb mountains, some need snort lemon juice through their eyes, others may need to fuck a panda or whatever, what do I know.. Its going to take whatever it takes. And only in hindsight will you see what you didn’t see when you didn’t see it. It will feel totally irrelevant to think about it longer then 5 minutes anyway. (unless your me right now..) If it is bound to happen it will happen (again, and again and again). Despite your best efforts (for or against), your not taking drugs or OD-ing on them. But to get there with some sanity, or most of your intellect in tact, that’s a real balancing act. Ego will totally try and claim your TR as a last ditch effort. Still, I believe you need to throw the mind a few bones here and there and these bones are different for every seeker. It’s all BS, even these ‘debates’. Still the power of the mind will compel us far beyond what we are prepped for by our equally clueless peers.

        Shrooms will probably just make you giggle. 😉

        1. Well, you kinda contradict yourself.

          You say “Everyone can forget about achieving anything other then achieving a perceived measure of clarity or uhm.. the realisation of its inherent non-achievementness.”

          …… but then you say “But to get there with some sanity, or most of your intellect in tact, that’s a real balancing act.”, meaning one gets or achieves that state of clarity.

          However, in the previous passage you dismissed it entirely.

          1. I contradict ‘myself” all the time. So what of it? Its a total bitch to write about this stuff.. I will contradict myself on the issues just like you, only I don’t see the huge problem with that ..who made logic alone the deciding factor in any of this?.

            IMHO one would then only suffer the same mental nightmare your average Vulcan suffers from. If I did not embrace the paradoxes I wouldn’t have ‘got it’.. There is also the problem of language/grammar and the way it is already structured for us and locked into our ..ehm..’neural pathways’. It forces us to ‘think’ about all things when maybe we should be ‘sensing’ some of them.. I don’t know – your rabbit hole is not mine. At best we can agree on the fact that are/were in one.

            My balancing act is probably all the things you thought you needed to do to keep sane during your 24 months of sitting through that ‘second puberty’.

            Just my 3 cents, ofcourse

          2. “My balancing act is probably all the things you thought you needed to do to keep sane during your 24 months of sitting through that ‘second puberty’.”

            I don’t know what your balancing act was/is. I didn’t balance anything. When one has nothing to lose – there is nothing to balance.



            the period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction.
            “the onset of puberty”

            Hardly. You like using enticing, but meaningless expressions.

            It has nothing to do with logic, and everything to do with the ability to express oneself clearly.

            ” I will contradict myself on the issues just like you”

            Point me to where I contradicted myself, I will check it out.

            Lastly.. so you ‘got’ it, or so you believe yourself to be. Why are you here?

        2. TR is a misleading term. What Truth? That we are alive? That we know so very little, and by the time we begin to understand a fraction of what this world is – it is time to depart? That no other person’s mind is a good fit for your own, but your own mind is the PERFECT fit for you?

          It is all a cosmic joke. Cosmic because human consciousness is the source of human misery.

          1. True. And wtf is a cosmic joke anyway, right? And who is being had.. I could do this all day 😉 Trust me I got your point months ago. Get it, got it. Will get it again later. We’re just entertaining each other.

            ‘Term’ is also a misleading term.

          2. You are in the wrong place. For entertainment – try Kenneth’s forum. He is big on that one.


            P.S. ‘Cosmic joke’ – the authentic laugh Mother Nature is having at the expense of every human being. To unpack that would take another article.

  4. The whole thing is entertainment.
    And (to me) Nature is the quintessential mute.

    nah.. K is boring. At least you’re juggling with concepts so I get to be that pretentious dick-of-the-day. If you really want to express yourself clearly you cannot use a single word.

    This right here, all of it, it is the inherent nature of the Internet. The medium is te message. To pick up a pen is to be ‘at war’ etc etc

    cheers me dears.

    1. You didn’t point to my contradictions as requested.

      You are writing here in order to feel pretentiously clever, but your writing lacks any essence. This is not the kind of cleverness I prize.

      And yes, I realise the above sounds pretentious too. This is what makes the whole exchange amusing and utterly meaningless.

      My best.

  5. Maybe pretentiousness is how ‘goners’ like me fake our humanity.

    I will readily admit that everything I wrote here lacks any substance. Problem is, the context is already yours from the get go. Everyone that comes here is just bound to get a couple of bitch slaps.

    CON *slap* TRA *slap* DIC *slap* TION ;D

    Indeed I forgot. I guess my fingers were not as pointy as yours on that particular day. So I played your game, You like it. Very keen on maintaining your game master status. Pretty interesting. I’ll sit down and take your best for now.

    1. I write because it takes me further. I keep saying there are no masters, no ‘enlightened’ beings, everyone is at sea, yet… here above are your words.

      Those who benefit from ‘enlightenment’ to prolong their lives and improve their material circumstances – are the Game masters.

      If you want to wear the mask of ‘I am the challenger’ – do it on valid points or don’t do it all. I will respond to something constructive that takes one to further understanding, and will ignore the rest from you.

    2. Yep, come here if you’re into being told that your perspective is less valid or lacking a certain clarity. Lol. As if…Or just save yourself the time and be your own authority on matters. People like this are a dime a dozen. It’s just that you don’t have to clear the enlightenment hurdle to have discussions turned disagreements with most of them. Opinion wars never fail to amaze me and probably why I don’t waste my time trying to explain myself.

  6. Oh you.. That is probably the most fascist thing you wrote all day (I did not check your other pages). Have your resolutions ma’m, have your Mickey Mouse TR debates with passers by. You seem to want to go further, not deeper. Maybe it is because you already know that that is where the real contradictions flow together. The other ”problem’ I see (sitting on MY Golden Throne of Truth) is that you don’t know when to put a sock in it. That’s why you pinterest your wisdom here. Within the comforts of your very own essays..

    But Dang, you got me again. :p
    I shake my diamond encrusted scepter at you witch!
    Truly hurt by your response,
    for a whole negative 2 seconds.


  7. I read the book in a few days, a great insider view of how such a community really works! Also, can hardly imagine how her body kept up with so many drugs. I had a little party phase but 2 nights without sleep was already destructive on me.. At one point I met a group that was way deeper into it than I was. Some said they could go on for a week without sleep. Not me! I abandoned that life. And I’m still grateful that I did.

    ”I considered it while in the middle of my two year ride, and even discussed that with my son, but realised that it is absolutely the dead end to understanding anything.”

    I am also heavily considering it. Mainly because I want to see for myself what it actually does and how it feels. But maybe somewhere I believe that there is something of value to be found in those things. An insight that could be found much faster with the psychedelic. For as far as I know, it does make it easier to allow the subconscious to surface in the conscious. But somehow I do keep doubting and I am not taking action to actually do it.

    May I ask, why did you realize it is ABSOLUTELY a dead end?

    Something that stuck with me was this part of an interview with John C. Lilly.

    ”MISHLOVE: In your writings you’ve explored almost every state of consciousness I could imagine — the various mystical levels of satori, communication with extraterrestrials, communication with other species. You’ve established probably a more significant mapping of inner space than almost any other modern person, and I think we all owe a great debt to you for that.

    LILLY: But don’t get stuck with those. I’ve abandoned all of them. It’s impossible, because there are infinities within the mind.”

  8. “I’ve abandoned all of them. It’s impossible, because there are infinities within the mind.”

    OK, let’s see, and let’s not afford this statement a mystical status, because there is none.

    There are indeed infinities within, because a human mind is capable of producing an infinite number of perceptive states. It is the same as dreaming during the night – many infinite dreams, and one never knows what they will dream about each night.

    ‘Hallucination’ means ‘wondering in the mind’. IN THE MIND. In that sense hallucinogenic substances create infinite perceptions which are nevertheless nothing more than virtual reality in one’s mind. Virtual = nearly real, but not real,

    I will give you a concrete example. I used to know a guy (he was a neighbour who became a friend) with 40+ years of alcoholism behind him, and a really bad one – he didn’t remember half of his life due to that. He told me that each time on withdrawal he saw the weirdest, often scary, sometimes joyful scenes. One of those was pink elephants running on the walls of his apartment (this is where my metaphor of enlightenment as a pink elephant comes from). He said they felt as real as his arms and legs, he could nearly touch them.

    Were they real? Did they exist? Of course not. But they were perceived by him as very real. Of course the rational part of the human brain knows this to be a virtual, brain created reality.

    This is what happens when one takes psychedelics. The brain creates the most improbable scenarios, usually related to whatever this particular individual is concerned with at the time. The chemical processes are pretty strong… I mean… I can give you a psychotropic concoction which will make you lose the will to act, for instance. People think they are so invincible, but all it takes is one injection, and voila!

    OK then, you took LSD. You start seeing (imagining) some strange otherworldly scenes. You think ‘Aha! There are other worlds!’ You lose a sense of self and think ‘Aha! Self is a myth!’ <————— I once lost it for about seven hours, without psychedelics. Just woke up one day, and was not there. The world around did not exist. I kept looking at own hands, and they were unreal. All had that shimmering, ever-changing feel of being a dream. All was like seeing things through a clear film, but it is impossible to describe in words.


    1. The normality came back
    2. No one can function in that state.
    3. I cannot remember what kind of food I ate the day before (it was in Sri Lanka)
    4. I did not understand it at the time
    5. It gave me no insights
    6. I learnt absolutely nothing from the experience, except to say that human mind is capable of some pretty fucked up creations

    The main point is – I didn't UNDERSTAND, and subsequently was none the wiser.

    The understanding came later, when I began to ask questions about the phenomenon. And this is what the drugs do: they change perceptions without giving one any understanding. And what good is it then? You may as well get drunk instead; that changes perceptions too, although not as radically.

    My decision not to take psychedelics was prompted by two things:

    1. Early realization of the above, even though it was before the Sri Lanka incident.

    2. Fear. I hate medication of any kind. Human bodies are very individual and react differently to external agents. While hallucinogens are natural products, they are not natural TO the human body in terms of everyday functioning.

    From Wikipedia:

    "Stanislav Grof has written that religious and mystical experiences observed during LSD sessions appear to be phenomenologically indistinguishable from similar descriptions in the sacred scriptures of the great religions of the world and the texts of ancient civilizations"

    In other words…. anything can induce your 'spiritual' trip. In terms of drugs – a chemical interaction in your body that temporarily alters your brain chemistry. In terms of other objects, such as the sacred scriptures mentioned above – it is the mind's conviction that acts as a catalyst for the experience.

    The result is the same – one comes back, and here is the world you were so eager to leave behind.

  9. As an experienced LSD tripper, let me come in and possibly give my own observation on the subject.

    The issue at hand is, will the use of psychedelics give you some hidden insight or help one towards some form of liberation from ones suffering. I would generally say for the mature individual yes, although not greatly. Will it lead to the holy grail of Truth? Good luck on that pipe dream, in other words no.

    I have had about 10 trips, and I am not going to go into the insights and so forth, but I do wish to dispel the myth surrounding the drug for those that have not taken it. Like alcohol has the function of removing the inherit long term outcome stressors of our actions (mostly used by teenagers for that reason). LSD has specific physiological affects with its own inherit function or possible usefulness.

    —-It slows down visual processing, which creates the effect of slow motion (cut frames)- requires higher dosage in most cases.
    —Causes general neural stimulation while also creating a sense of depersonalization. Helpful when doing inner psychological
    explorations. Can provide insights into issues, but does not resolve them per say. In other words if you don’t know why some
    emotion is kicking your butt but cannot uncover the source, it can offer a different perspective.
    —Removes some processing that we do that creates spatial arrangements. At mild dosage can feel as if there is no division between
    you and your senses. I am my senses and the mental chatter is just that, including beliefs emotions and so on. The same world, but
    —One other effect is that it seems to enhance some base part of the brain that is responsible for polygons hence the mild effect of
    polygons on vision.

    There are probably a few more effects I can describe but I think those are sufficient to the point. It changes your perception, and yes Tano so does coffee, but the degree of change is significant.

    Like any other thing, if you believe in Jesus, then its Jesus you are seeing and so on. In other words it does not decompose the structure of regular neural workings, or belief systems and perceptions that we have normally, it only augments perception for a short time and usually within the existing belief structure. This can be refreshing and insightful but it does not cut the work any shorter. I still felt stuck in a bad relationship and felt confined by my own emotional states after my major trips. Still the same me.

    Yet I would not dismiss it as an aid for reducing certain issues we face as a human beings. Unlike alcohol, weed, cocaine and the rest of them it offers a variation which can give you a breath of fresh air while in life’s self made prison. Makes you somewhat stronger going back in and allowed me to reset my obsessiveness.

    It also helped shake loose some of my understandings. I recall experiencing time as a concept rather then a truth out there. Of course time didn’t change, but my perception of it did while under the effect. Point being it did not alter my sense of time once sober again. But it reminded me that I simply might not have a clue as to what’s going. Which brings me to the final point.

    LSD can help loosen up some mental issues which cause you suffering under correct dosage and proper maturity. It can enhance physical sensations and a general awe for life, especially natural environments. It has few negative aftereffects and chemically does a nice reboot of our noggin. Look at MRI pics of it.

    Will it lead you to enlightenment? NO, but that is because nothing will, there is no such thing. At this point growing up at every given opportunity is the best I think we got. The search for the elusive grail is only there like a cigarette to give you some relief from facing the hard truth we tend to run away from.

    LSD can be a colorful such escape with some added benefits of insight. But nothing to rave about, an enhanced good time for the right person, right dosage and right environment.

    1. @ thesunpirate

      A good comment, thank you for that.

      We do not differ in our evalution of what drugs can/cannot do. They can jerk one out of their everyday perceptive states, because of course they massively change the chemistry of the body. In this sense, it is possible to give a person this new and strange view of the world they’d never encounted before. In other words, the everyday mundane reality receives a new dimension, which MAY prompt the person to begin to ask questions. That, in turn, may convince them to begin to explore the world around them. But it is in no way a precurser to enlightenment.

      I think we speak of the same phenomena, or at least this is what I wanted to convey in the article, perhaps, not very coherently or convincingly.

      Your perspective is very important because you have direct experience of psychodelics, and I don’t. The conclusions I came to are based on observation, reading up on the effects of such drugs and on accounts of users.

      I believe at some stage in the future people will have the wearable gadgets with an ability to enhance their vision, touch, hearing, their physical prowness. It will be very selective, for instance, imagine having the ability of a dog’s nose when you can smell something a few miles away? The LSD enhances some sensory activity, but does it make one understand what they are experiencing? And how can this translate to the rest of the world; can they then begin to understand that? I doubt it.

      I am not a drug taker, other than medication if the need be. As a side note, Kenneth was against drugs. Peter Sweeney is for theoretically, but not in relation to his own persona. I am sure he experimented in his youth, but stopped thereafter.

      1. On point. You hit the nail exactly on the head. If you believe in Jesus then Jesus you will see. In other words like everything else, people will judge these physical alterations from their current framework. Hence why it can be somewhat scary for someone that resides in very conventional interpretations of what their life is. The main problem I can see with them is exactly that, especially in the non-dual opium of the masses, they would think that enlightenment is just a constant state of this de-personation. So it has its traps for the right individual.

        My usage always was exploratory, almost scientific in its effects. I recall seeing how stressed I was walking down the beach on that day and realized that because I had stopped wearing my glasses (I suffer from a high degree of astigmatism) I would experience a lot of stress looking in the distance. Started wearing glasses ever since.

        Told my ophthalmologist and I was met with silence. Go figure. lol

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