Monkey ‘Freedom’

Below is EXACTLY why I keep saying that ‘Jed’ books are dangerous to an average representative of the human race.

What’s with the rules and the laws? Believe you me – I hate regulations whose scripts attempt to prescribe the tiny minutiae of my existence. BUT, dear monkeys…  not all rules and laws are evil. Have you grokked it yet? The rules and the laws are there to save YOU – from yourself. To save others – from YOU. To save YOU – from others. The Code of Hammurabi goes back nearly four thousand years, because someone had figured out what happens when the monkey crowd runs free.

Chaos and anarchy, together with the mob mentality, will always prevail, because human monkeys have no common sense, no sense of personal responsibility, no inherent decency or self control and a great desire to look the best monkey in the vicinity. Starts in the kindergarten, gets groomed and reinforced through competitive sports (I hate competitive sports, this re-enactment of war) and carries throughout life till the grave, an unconsciously acquired egotistic existence. It is only partially man-made, some is intrinsically natural, and not every monkey is as such, by all means.

Just the monkey majority.

Did I say ‘no brain cells either’?

The subsequent fake, but convincing sense of ‘freedom’ from reading the books leads to… monkey freedom or, rather, what monkeys understand as ‘freedom’: the Jungle Law. 


Have you ever noticed that those in power are particularly monkey-like: devoid of scruples, morals, compassion, always double dealing, scheming and fucking the best females? Have you noticed that most monkeys in power have all the psychopathic tendencies needed to dominate the tribe? Have you noticed that ANYONE who offers ‘solutions’ to your problems – is robbing you of the chance to grow up? And that includes especially the ‘enlightened’ teaching folks.

Now, give monkeys a ‘no morality’ rule and observe how they will better themselves in the jungle. Morality does not exist – in the Absolute. But you are  human for fuck’s sake. Here, on this planet, surrounded by other humans. Ah, but they (non-dual folks)  say other humans don’t exist… so much the better!! Trash the ethics!! Or as Bender used to say ‘Wanna kill some humans?’


Incidentally…  the Invisible Guru loves chaos. The forum has a host of newbies and some oldies from way back, and by god does the commentary there rob the folks of any chance of independent thinking…. It is so nonsensical that I cringe watching the show. I remember my forum days when it felt not true, but I couldn’t quite figure out why. I thought that ‘Jed’ had changed his tune.

Well, the real author IS changing his tune slowly as the years go by. But in relation to the fake forum… it was me who fell into a monkey state for a few months, and that’s hilarious to know. I remember that for Steven Grey (aka Adyashanti) it was a love affair that pushed him into the monkey state for a while.

And if the above offends your sensibilities – it’s because it is true.

BreakingOut 1


“I see it all as a big game we are all playing. All these characters in the game are imagined by me, as I am too, right? What is morally acceptable then? Is morality even important if all there is is imagined, a movie?

I didn’t do anything immoral still but it is presenting itself as an option.”

“Immoral presenting itself as an option”….. way to go, Human.

5 thoughts on “Monkey ‘Freedom’

  1. Good to see you didn’t steal my monkey in pants line.

    But aren’t you robbing everyone the chance to wake up to their own mind too ??

    Everything you write is pointing out the “nature of everything” according to Nessa

    You don’t have to take money to be a peddler and seller of “I know”

    Listening to Jed, Ken or Nessa is all the same thing .. seeking answers from others to solve not knowing your own mind and doing your own detective work .. thats the thing about Monkeys in Pants .. lazy little duckers ..

    Nessa said it so I will just go along with that then..she’s an expert after all just look at how much she has written..

    Cheap too didn’t cost a cent!

    True but Nessa did rob you of the opportunity to work it out for yourself.

    Love Ya

    1. Missing me, Frank?

      Yes, lazy little duckers as you say.

      P.S. I need to figure out how to clean, gut, salt and cure a kilo of anchovies. Bought them thinking I will make a Caesar salad dressing from scratch, but turned out to be more complicated than that.

    2. I think the message of ‘use your own mind to figure things out’ doesn’t stick no matter how much one shouts.

      Humans complained that I wrote about Mr. McMordie being the author. Then they complained that I wrote about Mr. McMordie not being the author.

      They complained that I brought up Peder Sweeney and wasn’t investigating him further. Then they complained that I investigated Peder further.

      They complained about the existence of this site, calling it useless. Then they complained about me not writing more.

      ‘Jed’ avoids communication with people, seeing that these fucked up attitudes are lacking any objective thought and are depressing on a small scale of things. But he has to be (relatively) nice in his books since he has a product to sell. If not for this simple fact – he would have come up with much stronger words.

      My abrasive mode prevents people from forming any attachments. I nip this in the bud (am I correct, my private correspondents?), no product to sell and at liberty to say exactly what I see.

      Now you are complaining about me writing huh… Also, not charging seems to be annoying you? While everyone likes freebies, no one seriously values anything they have gotten for free. This is the perverse human logic: if I paid – the investment needs to be protected somehow, even if only by justifying why I paid.

      One can see that in people defending Ken’s Navs regardless of the fact the Navs took them nowhere. I once found a profile of the guy who classified himself as a student of ‘Jed McKenna’ who completed the Nav series and was proud of the fact.


      So let it not worry you that I write: it is of no worldly value. You should have retired from the whole McKenna thing a year ago, seeing as you are ‘in the know’ kind of guy as a result.

      Go and don’t look back, Frank. I haven’t forgotten your particular, somewhat exquisite kind of inhumanity.

      P.S. Any ideas on those anchovies?

  2. Tano, I’ve only very quickly and briefly (for the first time today) read the article “Monkey ‘Freedom'”.

    All I’d say (for now) is this: There is more than one PhD thesis in that article.

    So, think about it.

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