‘I Know How It Ends’

I struggle for words.. I struggle because at some point I would have to deliver an excruciating blow to those who desperately want to believe that Kenneth and ‘Jed’ are two different entities. Those upholding an image of an honest, straight talking, non profiteering man somewhere in the USA who wrote brilliant books and now wants to be left alone.

The reality is more prosaic and, strangely, more dramatic at the same time. There are no ‘saints’ or ‘sinners’; there are humans who make do with whatever is laid upon them by life. Brilliance can perfectly combine with tales of depravity, high intelligence can be tricked into dumb choices, a serial killer can be capable of single acts of kindness.

I said it from the VERY BEGINNING: you will be left with – you. Only. No hand holding and no luminescent bubbles of ‘spirituality’ unless you learn some lessons here. If you don’t, you will be back in the cradle, with another name to hold your hand yet again. It could be Jed, John or Rishi, all of them wanting to convince you that you need them.

I also struggle at observing the display of perfect Unconsciousness that took hold of the IG forum. The inability of human beings to see all sides of the coin SIMULTANEOUSLY results in distorted views, absence of any cohesion in their perceptions and corrupt opinions. To those I would say: now that you know – hold your fire. Spitting saliva, calling for blood and retribution makes you part of one angry mindless mob.

Leave him alone.

Hold this perception in your mind for a minute… there has never been Jed McKenna. There has always been Kenneth McMordie. Now, read the Wisefool Press disclaimer with this perception:

Jed McKenna is not an active teacher, online or off. He does not engage in social media or forums. He does not give classes or workshops or accept money from students. He has no teachings or products other than those offered by WiseFool Press and our international publishing partners. Anyone claiming to be Jed or to speak for him is misrepresenting themselves.

There is no Jed McKenna, never has been. But Kenneth needs to save the books, and if that means letting go of the forum which takes much time without substantial returns.. so be it. The books are what made him. Not the forum.

If you followed the EM, you may have got the understanding that I never speak from ignorance, to the best of my ability. If a statement was made – it was first looked upon from many different angles, checked against own intuition and facts and then backed up by evidence. I have been the recipient of much derision over the past few weeks and months, but we are getting the results now, and you’ve got to ask yourself… which part of this writing here was not true?

As ‘Jed’ stated on IGF echoing my words of ‘not all as it seems’:

Interesting… but hardly the full story. As I have said before… patience. All will be revealed.

Things are not quite what they appear to be… yes, I’m sure some of you have already realized that.

Finally, I would LOVE to be proven wrong. I would love to be basking in the warm knowing of the fact  that there is someone out there (Jed) who didn’t follow the known trail of ‘spiritual mafia’ and chose not to cash in on Wisdom. But I know human beings. There are no fairy tales. There is no perfect being called Jed McKenna.
Kenneth once said this to me when I was temporary taken over by an illusion of writing a book… he said to me ‘I know how it ends’. And I said ‘No, you don’t. None of us do’.

42 thoughts on “‘I Know How It Ends’

  1. Enlightenment Myth – BTW, are you going to post/point out the sexual preference question for Kenneth Mc…? The topic is all but avoided in the Books. There is your encounter with him at Ernie’s Burgers in SVille where he says, “We are gay.” AND, there is the youtube video of him and Chris in a bar, playing pool where Kenneth grasps Chris’s wrist, pulling it away from the pool table, holding it for some seconds and giving it a shake like he was a little boy. I can’t imagine American/Canadian heterosexual men being physically familiar in that way. As far as the video’s in bars, it doesn’t prove he’s sleeping with women, so, gay, bi-sexual? Something wonky?

      1. I edited that to be a link, but Joanna.. honestly, this is as far off from Clarity as one can get.

        Perhaps, you are on the wrong for you website. You are looking for something else, which cannot be found on EM.

  2. Please delete my earlier quote on this page – the one that starts with, “bjosephkotrich says:
    August 27, 2017 at 15:00
    Enlightenment Myth – BTW” I had forgotten this page is semi-public, and intended it as a more private post.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. I don’t understand why you thought Jed was some sort of perfect in the first place. The books gave me the opposite impression. He seems to present what he is a perfectly imperfect human having been around the block a few times, like you. How do I know you’re not Jed, BTW?

        1. Where did I say that I *me* think Jed is or should be – perfect?

          I suggest you stop playing games and come out directly with what you are implying. I am getting impatient with this.

          1. Who’s playing games? It seemed as though there was an expectation by, *you* the writer of the above, for the author himself to represent something personal for you. Like a perfect person. He’s never sold himself as that that. It’s not about that.

            What gave the impression you should find a human without a shadow here? I mean it’s good that you are reiterating it here for others who might miss the same point, but the things you came up with and have written about in great detail here seem petty or lack evidence. It just seems like a personal problem.

          2. Nothing gave me the imperssion that I should find a human without a shadow. This is exactly what is here: a human with a shadow.
            I convey the facts. If you see no evidence – blame your poor eyesight.

            Also, I do not appreciate the distortion of information that you placed on the IGF.

          3. Poor eyesight? Really? Show me where you have something on this website to see that isn’t petty or without any evidence or details and I’ll look at it.

          4. I suggest you go away. I do not wish to pick up fights and have no idea why you are reading anything on here. It does not confirm your inner perceptions? Leave. As simple as that.

          5. I’m reading it because your facination with Ken is interesting to me and your writing is pretty good. I want to know what’s going on so I’m asking questions. Isn’t the point to inform?

          6. It is the point, but you haven’t asked questions. You came in and started with accusations that anything here on the website is without evidence. This is simply not true.
            Also, thank you for the compliment. I never wrote anything as extensively before.

          7. I asked for a list of crimes (not petty things like dancing and patting butts) This is a huge amount of information to sift through and there’s not much to it that I have seen. I spend hours reading articles. I came up with a list but just don’t see significance in most cases or evidence in others for what I’ve read. I’ll keep searching on my own if you don’t feel the need to help put it in a more concise overview with a few facts like who he stole money from, when, etc. That is not too much to ask for is it?

          8. LOL! Do you want me to point out what on this site gave me that impression? This is not a distortion of information. This is my opinion represented by what “seems” to me.

          9. I appologize I must have read something wrong and can’t find it right now. I thought you had mentioned being surprised by how old he looked, not by how young. I’ll make sure I correct the record.

          10. You made me laugh by that post on IGF. He really does look young. I noted in one of my articles here that he looked tired at the time of our meeting. perhpas you took it for ‘old’.

            All is well, thank you.

  4. Also I haven’t seen any sort of convincing evidence of anything criminal on this site, so I remain a bit skeptical of this dramatic unveiling. Can you list the crimes and evidence in a more concise fashion? Your writing is wonderful by the way. I really enjoy it.

      1. Ok then maybe just a list? It’s so spread out here. Let me know if I missed anything. 1. Ken goes to girly bars and dances. 2. Ken patted a girl on the bum. 3. Ken can get a little rough with the boys. 4. Ken appeared on a tv show questioning the legality of income tax 5. Ken stole money from from a bunch of people (details please on that? Who and what is this about?).

  5. I want to say thank you for this most interesting read. Jed sparked a revolution in my life as surely he did for many others. I am grateful for the spark regardless of the source. That being said, please write on and we will read. Entertainment is nice, nice, very nice ;=]

        1. Let’s see.. in the context of my comment above: aside from enjoyment are we learning anything here?
          In the context of life… cancer? war, with air raids and being bombed every day? excrutiating physical pain? starving for days from no food?

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