The shit has finally hit the fan. However.. not all as it seems 🙂

I am going to leave it at that for now, for folks to contemplate the illusory nature of this human mind made Reality 😉 it is beautiful and ultimately – never ending.

Scammed 1

Scammed 2Scammed 3

30 thoughts on “Scammed

  1. What the hell is going on. 😎

    Looks like double agent spy stuff. It’s a diversion.

    Sent from my iPhone. Please disregard any spelling errors. This e-mail may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient. Any review, use, distribution or disclosure by others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the recipient), please contact the sender by reply e-mail and delete all copies of this message.


    1. You might want to trim that phone signature of yours…

      There are a lot of things going on behind scenes right now. Fun, isn’t it?
      The person has been trying to pursuade me that Kenneth is not real Jed, while not providing any evidence to the contrary. If they did – I would happily place the disclaimer myself.

      So I guess this person got a bit impatient.

  2. I find this whole thing, this bloody mystery, the fact that humans gossip and observe, but NO ONE comes forward with anything of substance – highly amusing and utterly offputting.

    The state of Humanity in the microcosm. Ew.

  3. The thing that has never matched regarding the books and the forum is the glaring difference in writing styles, at least from my perspective, so the wisefool disclaimer may be just as valid as it seems…

      1. Makes sense, thats why this blog always confused me, because the fourm and books didny line up in my mind. Plus ive always had a hunch about who the real jed is. And the books make alot of sense when you see the real jed is who i think it is.

          1. Also ive come to the conclusion that neither you nore jed know what the fuck your talking about or what is what is, just playing games, and mental masturbation holding onto things because to scared or too ignorant to move on. Either way best of luck hopefully the exhalted truth of life and majesty dawn upon you in your twilight slumber, because too me now just more sleeping mind or sleeping nothings, wanting to be something, fradualent in your move to expose the fraud. Fraudulent inyourself. It doesnt matter, you may respond to me, oh poor jimmy…. the truth just is, im everyone blah blah blah, we get it move on maybe do something better with your boring existence like maybe chop some wood or something. I get it im you your me, were both neither and the same, truth is more shit. All your all doing is walking in same purposeless circle trying to find meaning. Im rambling but last post so why not, i said thank you before because of truth being ordinary, but i understood that when i was 8. You also said, why do you still breath, eat,sex. Well i dont but not the point maybe you do but you know nothing about me.

          2. Your the only one who thinks i may eat, breathe, sex. Your the only one who in fact thinks i exist at all

          3. I don’t think that. I know. You exist, but if your mind is telling you – you do not exist, despite all the evidence to the contrary, who am I to tell you differently.

          4. Again, still reading too much into what i am saying…. you dont see it do you, you still think i believe what i am saying.

  4. Maybe it’s him talking to you behind the scenes….and he Posted that expose on forum himself perhaps (and Wisefool disclaimer ) knowing your material is getting around and would sooner or later take his reputation and the forum down. So sabotaging and taking the forum down himself (maintaining control) and making out book jed and forum jed are different thereby minimising damage to book jed reputation and maintaining income of his book sales. Forums are disposable and he can always start another….

  5. Beliefs, guesswork, imagination, fantasy, story upon story, event upon event, lie upon lie, and all by design, without any-body – though some fictional characters effecfively deluded themselves their apparent hallucinations are real – responsible for it.

    No matter how ‘all of this’, ‘turns out’ (stories of an imaginary mind), it never changed the slightest thing considering ‘you’ / ‘what is’, ‘Truth’ (no label sticks).

    If only these cartoon characters, didn’t believe there was any substance to their appearance, would not mistaken identity, didn’t hallucinate their importance, and would have fully realized (not as a thought, or hole to hide in) the looney tune, is not ‘what ‘is’ me’, it would been seen, there is no such thing as the bla bla bla above, on the wisefool website or the forum, happening.

    So who the hell is waiting for ‘the unfolding’? ‘Unfolding’ of what? Who is bullshitting who? Of course no-body is, it’s just a dream within a dream, no dreamer, nothing dreamt……. now, thát’s for some entertainment…… Thanks!

  6. Okay, what the fuck.

    If this is an imposter. Im a fucking idiot.

    But I have copies of the Nav Series modules.

    That are watermarked.

    Im confused as fuck right now.

    Because the Jed, Ive been emailing with, and the one who wrote the NAV series seem semiliar to the JED who wrote the Books.

    Jesus Christ.

    At this point, I am willing to give out copies of the NAV Series modules.

    For those who want to investigate.

    I think the only way for this FORUM JED to get out of this is to have WISE FOOL PRESS release a statement, stating that he is legit.

    If WISEFOOL PRESS wont validate his authenticity.

    THis guy is a phony.

    And im the biggest idiot of them all.

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